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1 Bloodfang

Think about this.
Imagine this cat as a kit, his eyes still closed, you are his mother, and you must name him.
Who in their right mind would name their kit Bloodkit?
The only universe this works in is if Bloodfang's mother was abusive and hated him, and, actually, that works pretty well, for an evil cat.
So this is a good name, even though three seconds ago I said it wasn't.

Reddish tom with amber eyes. Has a scar under his mouth and on his flank. And is obviously an evil cat

This one made me shiver when I read it.

Reddish ginger Tom with fiery amber eyes, huge jet black paws, and scars on his ears and chin

Clan: thunder

Mother: Rosepelt
Father: Blackleap
Brother: Whitefur
Mate: Daisypetal
Kits: Emberbreeze, Beeflight, And Blackbranch.

Super edition: Bloodfang’s Scar


Rosepelt licked Whitekit on the head. Bloodkit watched sadly. “Bloodkit made me eat the poppy seeds though! ” Whitekit said. But he did not do it. Bloodkit got scarred on the chin, because his mother hated him. A badger ran into camp at the moment and scarred Bloodkit for life. Blackleap, a white Tom with black paws and orange eyes, Bloodkit’s father, had died saving him.


Bloodkit had a mean personality now. When Whitekit was named Whitepaw, his mother cheered. When he got his name his mother didn’t make a peep. He was mentored by Yellowmaple, a yellow she cat with brown flecks and blue eyes. When he first ...more

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2 Deathclaw

Totally this one! He/she is light gray with black spots that look like blood spatters. His/her claws are sharpened to perfection and could kill a cat in a single hefty blow. he/she has a scar from mid-flank to lower hind left leg. He/she also has yellow eyes that seem to pierce through your soul.

3 Darkheart

I am so using this. - RiverClanRocks

Read Super Edition Darkheart’s Fall

So Dark kit was a dark grey and black cat with blue eyes.
He belongs to river clan.
He has a huge scar on his cheek.

His mom is a black she’s with light blue eyes called Shell Breeze, His father is a dark grey Tom with yellow eyes, named Nightwind. His sister is a light grey she with green eyes named clover kit. His brother is a black Tom with yellow eyes called Black kit.

Dark kit noticed the poppy seeds missing from the herb store. He thought his sister who wished to be medicine cat had taken them to soothe Fernbelly, the elder who is also his dads mother. “Not me.” She said. “It was Dark kit,” she told her mom. Black kit nodded. But darkkit was not responsible. Under the moss of Clover kits bedding he saw them. Black kit scratched his cheek. As a kit Darkkit was blamed for everything and became evil from kit hood.

As an apprentice his mentor was Beetleshine, his mother’s brother, who looked just ...more

4 Eagle-eye

This sounds like a valiant hero that turns into a bad guy. Like Redtail going to the dark side.

Description: Dark brown and white tabby tom with menacing green eyes.

I hope not! I think Gingersplash is too overrated now!

I like it! Literally the best one here. Something that's actually normal. Like any other villain's name. Thistleclaw, Redwillow, Mapleshade, Darkstripe, or Hawkfrost. I think this cat would be a dark, dappled tabby tom with dark hazel eyes, a thick, bushy tail, a black nose, and black streaks around his eyes. WindClan. Eagle-eye would start as a loyal warrior but end up becoming clouded with vengeance. As a kit in WindClan, Eaglekit wanted nothing more than to start fighting for his Clanmates. Named after his father, Eaglefrost, he knew he had to grow up to be lean and swift just to meet his expectations. Though he would do anything it took, Eaglekit sometimes felt stabs of jealousy over his sisters, Smallkit and Poolkit. Of all the days of training Eaglekit never noticed his father push them to the limits on battle techniques or becoming a moor-runner. That was something else he need perfection in: running. Eaglekit's whole family line were known as the best of moor-runners and he ...more

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5 Tigerscar

TigersCar and TigersTar sound alike

Hey, I thought of this a few months ago!

This one makes me smile and chuckle.

A battle-scarred dark brown tom with piercing dark green eyes. Clan: ShadowClan (formally) Rogue (before death) Dark Forest (currently). Rank: Deputy (ShadowClan) Leader (Rogue) None (Dark Forest). Father: Hawkbreeze, a brown tabby tom with with two white paws and yellow eyes. Mother: Mothflight, a golden she-cat with green eyes. Brother(s): Mudspots, a handsome golden tabby tom with light brown spots, paws, and light green eyes. Sister(s): None. Half-brother(s): Darkpaw, a black tom with green eyes. Acornpaw, a light brown tabby tom with a darker head and dark green eyes. Half-sister(s): Nightpaw, a black she-cat with white spots and yellow eyes. Mate: Raven, a black she-cat with a white tail-tip and yellow eyes. Son(s): Thornkit, a brown tabby tom-kit with green eyes. Moonkit, a black tom-kit with yellow eyes. Daughter(s): Ebony, a black she-kit with dark green eyes.

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6 Bloodfire

Sounds awesome

7 Devilstorm

Cats don't know who Hitler is, so they mean Tigerstar, Tigerstar is Hitler, Hitler is bad like the devil, cats name their kits, they can't name it -devil or devil-, they can't name it Hitler, Tigerstar is Hitler, so its Tigerstarstorm. Also, what kind of cemented Queen names their kit after Tigerstar. And look into Hitler's eyes. You see Tigerstar. Look at Tigerstar's eyes. You see Donald Trump. Look at his hair. You see a triangle. You see that eye? Illuminati confirmed.

I think this one is pretty evil.


The cats don't know what the Devil is, so basically their name would be Tigerstarstorm or Darkforeststorm

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8 Deathwish

Haha I made this name on my old account. - vx


Hey, my sis randomly thought of this, though I don't think a cat would name their kit "deathkit", but it could be like Deadfoot... I mean, poor Deadfoot then, he would've been named Deadstar if he hadn't died as a deputy!

Wow! Cool name! I don't know if I would like the cat named this, but super cool anyways!

9 Flameheart

I think this one isn't too evil

10 ShimmeryHappiness

I hate it when people put up stupid names like these that don't go with the subject.

Something about it sounds so obnoxiously evil... I love it! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I'm scared for my life!


makes no sense but yee!

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11 Ghoststar
12 Deathstar

I love this and hate it with all my heart at the same time - Forestfire

...totally didn't mean to name it after Star Wars...

Love this no ihate it with flames and blood and...-RaggedBlackLion

A dark brown tom with a cut up ear and a scar over his eye.
As a warrior, deathstar was feared by all warriors, kits, and apprentices. After he had killed Poppymist, a darkclan queen. He was banished from the clan. Moons later, he returned and killed nightstar to become the leader. He took his place and ruled treacherously over darkclan.
He ordered his warriors to check every queen's dens. He had them make sure no kit was too small. I feel it was he would personally kill it. He took the toughest warriors and made them train apprentices until they dropped. He would kill along with his little sister shatteredheart, any cat that would not obey his rules. He and his warriors stole kits from other clans and forced them to join darkclan. He even took a large piece of territory from SnowClan with no reason. The only cat he respected was his sister. He was just like her.
Shatteredheart and Deathstar went prowling to LeafClan with BlackWing, BrokenFoot, DappledScar, and NightClaw. He ...more

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13 Deathfang

Okay... I'm thinking that 'Deathfang' is kind of a lazy, BLOODTHIRSTY name. Most of the names on here are. Except like Eagle-eye or possibly Tigerscar. And ShimmeryHappiness of course ;) Bloodfang, Darkblood, Deathstar, Deathwish, Devilstorm... etc. " Hey I have the BEST idea for a villain! Let's make him jet black with TONS AND TONS of scars, scratches, and gashes. Oh and make him huge and powerful and jet-black and have red eyes and has blood dripping from his jaws and he kills everything, everyone, anyone, and anything! " ~Mistyrain

A black tom with a white diagonal line across his face. He also has dark brown eyes and one white paw.
His mother was named Scar. They were Rouges and were always ganged up on by surrounding clans. Death kit was abused by Scar because he was so small and didn't seem to grow bigger. One night she dropped him in a river and was left to wash away. He managed to struggle onto land and found a hollowed tree to sleep in. The next morning all Death kit could think about was being the strongest cat ever known. He scratched at every tree he saw and killed anything smaller than he was.
Many moons later Emberstar, leader of FlameClan saw him pouncing on a fox. She saw the cry of battle in his eyes. She cautiously walked up to him. Death kit accepted the offer. Emberstar showed him around the camp.
He grew into a stunningly large tom cat warrior.
One night of a full moon Deathfang snuck out of the den. He saw Flickerpaw walking by. Suddenly he rabidly charged at her
Killing her in ...more

14 Brokensoul

I agree with da comment below, because that was made on my old device! ^-^
~ Foxpaw of FogClan

Perfect for a villain! It's a pure silver tom Maine coon with with black markings along his chest and tummy, sorta looking like a deformed branch. The tips of his ears are pure black and his left hind-paw has it, too. His eyes are a brilliant yet unusually pale blue. He has white fur in his ears, making him look slightly old, yet he was quiet a young warrior out-cast. Brokensoul started as a kittypet known as Jet, and Jet lived in a cabin near ShadowClan territory. One day, his owners left the cabin, and left the door open. Jet snuck out and ended out in ShadowClan Hunting grounds. He was found by a patrol and escorted to ShadowClan camp. He didn't wear a collar, and he smelt of the pines, so ShadowClan took him as a rogue. He then was apprenticed at the age of 6 moons, known as Brokenpaw. When be trained, he was teased by one apprentice, known as Spicepaw, a Tom tabby with orange fur and white stripes with Amber eyes. Spicepaw called him a Kittypet after he heard him yowl from the ...more

15 Twistedheart
16 Darkshadow

I love it! Totally evil! It sounds like he would be in ShadowClan. I am SO using this in my fanfic!

17 Darkblood

Oh my gosh yes! -RaggedBlackLion

18 Firefang

Only one here that isn't a troll, unrealistic, or RIDICULOUSLY edgy.

19 RainbowSunny

Obviously from a troll

Bruuhhh... people need to stop trolling on this

20 HugsKisses

Someone's gotta stop trolling this list lol... - Oliveleaf

Yup. This is the cat that smiles too wide and hugs everyone and acts like they're little Sues.

Lol. - IcetailofWishClan

21 CuteKitten

I can't imagine a leader naming a new warrior this, after all, I'm pretty sure this cat will give the other warriors nightmares!

Those people when they try to think up the most cute name possible

First, It's mother, Rainbowsunshinehapiness, would be like: "Cutekit! It's just so darn cute! " Then The leader would be like: "I, Rainbowstar, give you the name Cutepaw! " And then: "I, Rainbowstar, give you the name Cutekitten! " I mean please!

22 Poopystorm



23 Hipeople

So, you're telling me this cat can defeat many other warrior cats just by saying "Hi, people! " And all warriors say "Bye, people! " and run away screaming like a kit Darkness of Rising Echoes

Hipeople could be a scary name, depending on the person who's saying it or how it is being said.

Uhh... you're telling me that Thhis is a cat name?

24 Shadowstorm
25 Softcry

It's wonderfully creepy!

26 Bloodstream
27 FluffyRainbowLove

Truely evil - Jupiterleaf

28 Moonshadow

Um, this is actually a real name. He appears in Dawn of the Clans.

That's shadowstars brother

29 Bloodfeather
30 Shadowclaw

Ooh this sounds great!

For the win

31 Bloodeye
32 Brokenfang

Yas yas yas me and scourge will take over the world MWAHAHAAHAHAA! -RaggedBlackLion

33 BrightHeart

This is already existing and isn't evil. I understand the sarcasm, but still, it exists. - Oliveleaf

Yes. This one is SOOO EEVVVIIIL (heavy sarcasm)

34 Bloodbath
35 Happykit

Warrior name: Happydevil?

36 Nightstorm

Yay so cool!

37 Senpaikit
38 Blooddemon
39 FluffyKittem

Whats a kittem

From a troll

40 Bloodheart
41 SuperSunnyDay
42 Demonfang
43 Maggoteyes
44 Brokenneck
45 Shadowstrike

I don't get why no one has said anything about this! I can imagine this as a she-cat and tom!
She-cat: Black she-cat with bright red eyes and sharp claws. She's in Strongclan(a clan I made up, like Bloodclan, but more organized),and her mother is Witheredface(used to be Florapetal but her face got burned by a fire) and Witheredface is the deputy.

Tom: Large jet-black tom with matching black eyes, in Strongclan and becomes leader one day.

46 Devilblood
47 Maniacalkittypet

What's more scary than this?

Just think, a maniacal kittypet that has rabies!

48 Killfang
49 Hazepaw
50 Shadowheart
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