Top Ten Evilest Made-Up Warrior Cat Names


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21 Brokensoul

I agree with da comment below, because that was made on my old device! ^-^
~ Foxpaw of FogClan

Perfect for a villain! It's a pure silver tom Maine coon with with black markings along his chest and tummy, sorta looking like a deformed branch. The tips of his ears are pure black and his left hind-paw has it, too. His eyes are a brilliant yet unusually pale blue. He has white fur in his ears, making him look slightly old, yet he was quiet a young warrior out-cast. Brokensoul started as a kittypet known as Jet, and Jet lived in a cabin near ShadowClan territory. One day, his owners left the cabin, and left the door open. Jet snuck out and ended out in ShadowClan Hunting grounds. He was found by a patrol and escorted to ShadowClan camp. He didn't wear a collar, and he smelt of the pines, so ShadowClan took him as a rogue. He then was apprenticed at the age of 6 moons, known as Brokenpaw. When be trained, he was teased by one apprentice, known as Spicepaw, a Tom tabby with orange fur and white stripes with Amber eyes. Spicepaw called him a Kittypet after he heard him yowl from the ...more

22 Darkshadow
23 FluffyRainbowLove

Truely evil - Jupiterleaf

24 Moonshadow

Um, this is actually a real name. He appears in Dawn of the Clans.

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25 Bloodfeather
26 Shadowclaw

Ooh this sounds great!

For the win

27 Bloodeye
28 Brokenfang

Yas yas yas me and scourge will take over the world MWAHAHAAHAHAA! -RaggedBlackLion

29 BrightHeart

This is already existing and isn't evil. I understand the sarcasm, but still, it exists. - Oliveleaf

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30 Bloodbath

Sounds like a name for an insane, bloodthirsty cat. I imagine him as a huge, muscular pure black tom with yellow eyes, huge claws covered in blood, extremely long fangs and he LOVES blood - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

31 Happykit

Warrior name: Happydevil?

32 Nightstorm

Yay so cool!

33 Senpaikit
34 Blooddemon
35 FluffyKittem

Whats a kittem

From a troll

36 Bloodheart
37 SuperSunnyDay
38 Demonfang
39 Softcry
40 Maggoteyes
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