Top Ten Best EX Pokemon Cards

This is a new list called Top Ten Best EX Pokemon Cards. I can't believe that no one came up with this Pokemon idea. You know that sometimes, these cards are hard to catch because they're so expensive. I just spent $17.95 on a Pokemon Trading Card Tin.

The Top Ten

1 Mega Charizard Y EX

It is really good in terms of 300 damage but my problem with it is it does 50 damage to its self

I so love this card. I used to have it in Korean but some dude thought he could keep it when I tried to trade and I never got it back. Lesson learned.

This is a pretty cool card, I purchased it as a single in English and Japanese. I can't believe it does so much damage!

I'm getting mega charizard y ex for making honor roll and a charizard ex even though I have a charizard ex my friends will be jealous.

2 Zekrom EX

I think Zekrom EX is amazing because he has a ton of health and is very powerful. He also looks really cool. And what I really like about him is that he is one of the powerful EX card I've seen. He is one of my favorites.

I just got Zekrom today he is one of the best cards in the world with strong volt and glinting claw so epic.

I remember zekrom ex was one of the only ex but I'm pretty sure zekrom ex full picture is rarer

Zekrom does the same damage as reshiram but doesn't do fifty damage to himself.

3 White Kyurem EX

He's awesome! I have Black Kyurem, White Kyurem and Kyurem. Black Kyurem is my favorite. His picture is very cool also.

I got this a few months ago and I mean a long time ago and he is SO EPIC! I traded it for Deoxys EX and M Gengar EX but that was a small mistake.

This thing could wreck havoc if you attach Muscle Band to it! 170 damage! One shot Heracross EX!

Can do 300 damage if has the crystal attached to it and damaged counter 180 health to great card I have it great art

4 Mega Charizard X EX

It also does 300 damage. I don’t mind discarding the top five cards of my deck it has not been a problem for me so far

Have this card it's worth $90 and it is 300 damage but you have to discard the top five cards of your deck

It does 300 damage and it's a rare card it cost like 40$ just to get it by itself and its even more

He is okay because you have to discard 5 of your own cards while you discard only one of your opponents. But he is super rare, no doubt about that

5 Mega Rayquaza EX

Even though you have to discard 3 energy from this Pokémon after using dragon ascent it is worth it because of 300 damage

Best card ever. No one can beat me in a battle so far with this and Solgaleo GX.

Unlike charizard this discards 2 energy’s then take 50 damage or discard the top 5 cards of your deck

This is the number one best card. So good it got banned from some tiers. This is number one, this list is so wrong. - toptenjoe

6 Reshiram EX

I have this awesome card

Reshiram EX should be number 1 or 2 easily

It's very good it takes 2 prize cards if it wins

He Should totally be at least top three

7 Mewtwo EX

I have this one. It's a very strong Pokemon

No offense Mewtwo fan, this card isn't all that good

Mewtwo is awesome and my brother has charizard basic not the mega sadly oh and I might have spelt charizard wrong

This is ultra rare and I've got a gold one, on eBay they are worth 25 Australian Dollars.

8 Mega Blastoise EX

I just don't understand why it does the SAME amount of damage as Blastoise EX. I mean, if anything, it should do at LEAST 130 damage. but 120? I just don't think that's right.

He 120 damage he is a real deal

I used to have a mega blastoise that does 180 damage.

Mega blastoise ex it should do 200 damage

9 Darkrai EX

Oh my freak, just bought this guy for two bucks and I'm kicking butt in every match.

This guy is good. Found on street and now winning almost every match. When somebody wants to trade, I look at them and walk away.

NO RETREAT COST for the Pokemon with a Dark Energy attached to it. Worth it.

Awesome card I have the signed world championships edition!

10 Mew EX

Too boss use any attack even the call of legends card attack or even m charizard x attack very boss

HE should be the top 3 because he can do ANY move because of Versatile.../.

Why is this sitting at twelve? Its ability allows it to take very powerful Pokemon and win.

I have mew EX he is my favorite Pokemon

The Contenders

11 Dragonite EX

Powerful card. The burst in ability makes it easy to turn over the tables in a game.

Giant Tail has 120. I never knew that Dragonite had a EX card. - JaysTop10List

Rare and does 120 attack damage and great card

I have that card

12 Xerneas EX

Xerneas ex is really strong the only card I would trade it for is white kyurem ex

I am in love of fairies! But also, it's attacks are really good.

It is a fairy type and for me I think fairy types are rare

I have Xerneas EX. It does 140 damage. I agree that fairy types are rare, and I think that this is a pretty rare card.

13 Mega Lucario EX

Mega Lucario is not very good in the card game but I love it in the anime

I think Lucario is very powerful and it should have at least 240hp

Is epic and needs only three energy to do a 140 move

I got one yesterday! It was the secret rare version too. Looks really good and 140 is a lot of damage.

14 Yveltal EX

This card is so powerful its kind of insane. So much damage output with almost no bad things about it. So many of the other cards with this kind of damage output require discarding energies and stuff. Not Yveltal! He also has a great retreat cost and his second attack helps move energies to other Pokemon if he is about to go down. My Yveltal deck has never even come close to losing and I have played against most of the cards in this list.

Yveltal ex is one of the strongest Pokemon in the 2014 format. Look at evil ball for example. 20 damage+20damage times the amount of energy attached to both active Pokemon.

By far is better than mega khangaskhan. I know what you are thinking. Why? He only does 90 damage. But look at him. My friend goes to league every week and says every week that there are at least 10 Yveltal decks. These decks can go for $75-$250! Really common but useful deck. Also add Darkrai Ex for even more power.

Insanely powerful. Tanks damage. Strong enough to beat fairy types even. I mean evil ball wow!

15 Black Kyurem EX

I think it should be in place of Dragonite ex as it is not a rare I have 10 of Dragonite ex

He's the real deal black kyurem is my best.i have 40 EXes and he's the best,I mean 200 DAMAGE?!?!

I think it is the best and should be between 5 to 10

The 200 damage one with crystal wall is a amazing combo, probably the best combo ever.

16 Keldeo EX

Is awesome and every energy you attach to him allows you to do 20 more damage

Oh my god this card is so WOW! - JaysTop10List

Not the strongest but it's my favorite Pokemon

I got him and he is beast mode, he does over 1000 damage with my water energies!

17 Seismitoad EX

Yes, a amazing card. Items items items are op until this comes in. Without crushing hammer or and reliable counter like leafeon, no counter!

Its good but it does 30 damage to your bench Pokemon

This is so cool

I love it because it won the 2013 championships and I was the oon that won it

18 Mega Kangaskhan EX

I have this in secret rare epic! Gotta get deoxys in secret rare then I would have all the cards! :-)! !

Place a like and vote for this guy!

He is VERY VALUABLE and if you keep getting heads he could destroy any pokemon out there

I had this card in the 2015 Championships version

19 Manectric EX

I do wish that he did more damage. The primal clash version of him in his non ex state does more damage.

I don't have him but I've seen him before but I have normal manectric

It dose 60 damage

He's pretty cool. Nice amount of damage, and his art is awesome.

20 Mega Heracross EX

He is my very first Mega Pokemon EX and he does 180 damage But only if you don't have. Any damage counters. He can finish a few good Pokemon I know with just one move.

I have the card beat everybody in TCG it's a great Pokemon should be number 5

I have this guy too. I love the shinny words that go across the mega cards

The only bad thing is that to increase Big Bang horn's damage, you have to sacrifice some health - Mariozexal

21 Shaymin EX

Are you people on drugs!? This card was going for $60 and is used in nearly every competitive deck out there! I wanna meet the little five year olds who made this list.

The card draw ability on this cards is amazing! Anyone who does not think this is number one must not play the card game.

Shaymin EX is so good that it's going for almost 100 dollars. If anything this should be number 1 with it's amazing ability.

Call down, mister know-it-all. It is pretty good, but it's still a Shaymin. (AKA it sucks.) :0

22 Thundurus EX

I have Thunderous ex and he is the only ex I have

I have him he is so good I win every battle

Thunderous is a good Pokemon card.

I love it so much it's so so so cool...

23 Mega Gengar EX

This card should be number one he could one-shot any Pokemon.

This card is a sick card. It can use any of the opponent's Pokemon's attacks and use it as the attack. Which means if the opponent has a very strong card, M Gengar can One-Hit KO, Despite being resistance of the defending Pokemon. That's why it deserves to be the King of the cards.

Should be number 1! Can one-shot Mega Charizard!

The best Pokemon ever. CAn use any attack

24 Aegislash EX Aegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more.

Yeah it could but his attack is what matters.

I have him art could be better

Even awesome if it's not an EX.

He looks weird.

25 Landorus EX

Hammerhead is a good attack because of that benched damage.

26 Dialga EX

He is the coolest pokemon ever when you have a full art version and it could beat every EX on this list with crono wind effectively stopping your opponent from attacking. Zekrom is trash against this pokemon

Dialga ex is awesome with 150 damage

He looks cool, and is a team plasma Pokemon.

I don't care about the damage he's too epic

27 Shadow Lugia EX XL E3 Promo Card

I just love the idea of a lugia ex I used to have a powerful lugia break

It totally makes sense why this beast is not tournament legal. Imagine the surprise everyone would get if you drew that from your darkness/psychic deck!

Its an awesome card! And mega charizard is awesome too!

It has 300 health and can do a whopping 2000 Damage, not tournament legal.

28 Articuno EX

This but sucks against a ho-oh, and every other fire type Pokemon, plus his attacks do less damage when he takes damage.

How is this ahead of Mega Gengar?

This ex cards damage doesn't do every much compared to others

The damage is so weak

29 Mega Deoxys EX

Deoxys doesn't Mega Evolve... - RiverClanRocks

At least one of the top 3 megas

That is so fake the fake is as big as the world the end

Totally agree! Doesn't mega evolve!

30 Regigigas EX

This is my favorite EX card to use. It's power continuously increases as it's health lowers. It's amazing!

Wouldn't you prefer regirock ex? Look him up its awesome

I have the full art version.

Tons of damage whatsoever

31 Kyogre EX

Does 140 damage giant whirlpool and water pulse puts the defending Pokemon asleep and does 30 damage so it does 170 damage and it has 180 health!

I used to have him I think I traded it to Nicholas for gene sect ex don't know why I did that.

I just got this 120 damage beast

He is the ruler of the ocean.

32 Latias EX

Best card does 110 damage.

It's so snazzy

33 Palkia EX

His artwork is amazing and is a good playing card


Caheal 20 health for each plasma energy attched to palkia

34 Blastoise EX

I used to have blastoise ex I lost him.

I have this Pokemon

I have it to

Got him

35 Mega Manectric EX

He bosses everyone with only 2 energy, and you can bring back all the discarded energy, and best of all, he has 0 retreat cost

If you have at least 2 of these at the table, you win hands down

Best Pokemon in the world

I have that card and it is cool

36 Virizion EX

It can be very useful for the deck, but not super powerful when it comes to attacks

Good, but still. Better decks out there


37 Arceus EX

To low like what the?

He is very good

Aceus is so strong

He's god so

38 Tornadus EX

Power Blast is 100! EPIC - JaysTop10List

My powe blast is 150 isint a kind of big damage...

39 Wailord EX

He is my only EX as yet (I'm soon getting a tin with Mewtwo EX) but what I fail to understand is why he is no.41 on this list. 250 HP is impossible to deny. His attack, high breaching does do 120 damage-which isn't the best-and it does put him to sleep but if you run Water veil, you're fine!

I have a wailord ex that has 250 health

He is rare as hell

He is amazing my friend has it. It has more friking health than Mega Rayqaza.

40 Kyurem EX

I have this card. it is really cool

IT is Over power Hail Blizzard

260 damage!

41 Mega Primal Groudon EX

Primal Groundon is a powerful card with decent damage but the max is really good

This is the number 1 Pokemon I want in the primal clash expansion. SO COOL!

Why does this not have a number? It should easily be number 4.

Yeah, number one that I want in primal clash. SO EPIC!

42 Rayquaza EX

This Pokémon is awesome but I just used it for mega evolution.

Charivari ex is a bad card against this Pokemon

I love that card

I like it because it also could be a golden card so its very nice Pokemon
Just saying.

43 Charizard EX

Charizard is my favorite Pokémon but I only use this for mega evolution.

Best Pokemon because it's cool, the art works good because it's good, I now it's cool because it's cool

You should use him he is so strong because he does 150 damage. He is cool

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

44 Giratina EX

Take a moment to look at this card to see how powerful it is. - JaysTop10List

I can't remember how much damage it does. Otherwise I would so want it.

Shadow force can sneak on anything.

I agree about that!

45 Jolteon EX

Got it it's amazing

46 Mega Venusaur EX

It does 120 damage, has 230 health and paralyzes and confuses your opponent's active Pokemon with every attack. It completely cripples anything it comes across.

THIS is my number 1, ladies! Should be 1! Pizza Steve seems to know his cards!

Pretty good card for 120 damage and paralyzes

Epic Pokemon.Supposed to be in top 5

47 Latios EX

Have the full art

I have this card and he does 110 damage and he removes all effects of your oppoments Pokemon attack (excluding damage) he also does 40 damage on your first turn.

48 Lugia EX

If you have lugia in play if you knock out an ex Pokemon you take 3 prize cards if you knock out 2 ex Pokemon with lugia in play if before your opponent wins you will win the game I'd put lugia as # 1

I have this 120 damage beast from plasma freeze he should be number 20!

I really want all of the Pokemon cards

My favorite water Pokemon

49 Primal Groudon EX

It has a very strong attack called Gaia Volcano although it is decreased in price value

Because he does a lot of damage

Best card ever

240 HP 200 damage (if you have a stadium card)

50 Mega Tyranitar EX

This cards the best it does 110 damage plus 60 more damage for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon that can do way more damage than mega charizard EX.

It can knockout any Pokemon card, in only two hits(880 damage)! also, most cards will go down from just one hit(110 damage)! This card should be much higher on the list.

Yeah, I don't think that this card that can put thousands of damage counters on a Pokemon in a short time should be number 87.

It does 110 damage plus 60 for each damage counter on your opponents active Pokemon

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