Top Ten Best EX Pokemon Cards

This is a new list called Top Ten Best EX Pokemon Cards. I can't believe that no one came up with this Pokemon idea. You know that sometimes, these cards are hard to catch because they're so expensive. I just spent $17.95 on a Pokemon Trading Card Tin.

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61 Umbreon EX

Just awesome

Umbreon is dark powerful and phicic

It is so cool

Cool ex, it is extremely rare u might be veryluckyto find one

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62 Ho-Oh EX

He looks cool but the problem with the card is you need 3 different energys to use him. He's not that good. I got him today in a booster pack so I know.

Awesome! Sacred fire does 150 damage.160 hp

i love him

63 Shiny Mega Rayquaza EX

It is very powerful

This chart is rubish


300 damage

64 Tyrantrum EX

I absolutely love the card. It has great attack power and I've won every battle with him since I have gotten him. There is one thing though, do they have a mega tyrantrum ex? You can also go to wallmart and get the tyrantrum ex box if any of you are interested. It only attack does 190 damage and it has 180 health. It has great art work the card is just a keeper.

I got him 2 days ago and I haven't even gotten to test him. But I'm pretty sure that I will kick butt with it.

I can't believe no one knows about him. He does 190 damage.

Also his art is awesome.

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65 Mega Ampharos EX

Mega Ampharos is really awesome. I got him in a Rayquaza EX pack with nothing else really good in it.

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66 Hoopa EX

I have this card and personally I think it is extremely awesome it has 170 hp an ability called scoundrel ring that lets you get three ex cards and his move hyperspace fury is excellent and does 100 damage! AWESOME

He's good is any other besides stronger ex's

Hoops ex can get back three Pokemon ex cards. It does 100 damage

It should be like the 20th best ex.I got a mega mewtwo,Landorus ex and a zapdos ex for a hoops ex.

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67 Chesnaught EX

120 damage that is the same as Lugia ex there both very good

I have it Pin missel is awesome. Best ever!

There both great ex cards

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68 Malamar EX

I once did 360 damage in one attack from this card!

It adds damage for each energy

69 Secret Rare Charizard EX

Are you kidding me? RARE IS AWESOME!

I have the secret rare Charizard EX

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

I have a mega Chardizard x that I got a month ago I won a bunch of battles I think mega charizard is the most powerful Pokemon because he does wild blaze that does 300 damage

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70 Primal Kyogre EX

Are you people blind? He does 150 damage and 30 to all of your opponents benched Pokemon cards.

I agree. He should definitely be higher on the list. His number is just unreasonable.

This guy needs to be higher on this list. No.71 for him is completely shameful. He should be far higher on this list: 240 HP! 150 attack to the defending Pokemon+30 to all your opponent's Pokemon? Come on, put him higher up!

I just looked at his stats and he should be higher in rank

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71 Mega Latios EX

Cause he looks cool and he sounds awesome and if you put an energy to his attack he's really good.

I have him and he is my 2nd best card I have (2nd best is mega aggron ex)

I'm about to get a mega latios full art

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72 Zapdos EX


73 Shadow Lugia EX

No such thing

1,000 DAMAGE!?! oh yeah, not tournament legal...

300 hp
1000 attack damage

74 Meloetta EX

I still like him but he is not the best

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75 Mega Aggron EX

Yes he is the cool and does a large amount of damage is you are lucky

Does 120 and can even do 240. Should be in the top ten at least

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76 Aggron EX

Aggron Ex is one of those cards that you wouldn't think would be good, well, it really is Ok, I guess. It has Steel Headbutt and Raging Hammer, which are Ok attacks. Overall, Aggron is one of the lower ex cards, but I still think it deserves to be up here.

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77 Delphox EX

Delphox is the most cool Pokemon

Delphox EX is a new Kalos region Pokemon. No wonder he hasn't been added. Delphox's Attack, Psybeam, does 20 damage AND confuses the opponent's Pokemon. Also, Wonder Flare, does 80 damage PLUS 40 damage for each energy card in your opponent's hand.

78 Mega Diancie Ex

He is so cute that she is my girlfriend

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79 Blaziken Ex
80 Excadrill EX

He is so cool 😎 because he has a driller and it's a fighting energy

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