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81 Deoxys EX

This card is TERRIBLE 30+?!? Is its best attack! Come on deoxys get on a roll. Bad

I like regular deoxys but not in ex form

It is amazing people should use this card! It's great...

I have him he is terrible.

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82 Krookodile EX V 3 Comments
83 Groudon EX

It is the stronger than zekrom because the weakness is ground type and Groudon is a ground type

Best Pokemon card ever in the world.It is the strongest ground type Pokemon

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84 Mega Gardevoir EX

This card has great synergy with xerneas. it is good 30 times the amount of energy attached to all Pokemon that are fairy!

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85 M Metagross Ex

Yeah me too but I traded it for a Keldeo EX and a few Energies. I know, big mistake.

Used to have him traded him for charizard ex and manectric ex.

The worst mega. Had him and he sucked.

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86 Armaldo Ex Old Card

I think its not strong but rare at my school only 2 people have it me and somewon else. 80 damage is good but not now

87 Mega Gallade Ex

Why is gallade at the bottom? Mega gallade rocks and he should be in the top 10

It does a 110 damage, plus 30 to each of your opponents benched Pokemon. that is pretty over powered.

I think this should be quite high up. And why is Gardivior not on here. Both of them should be high up.

88 Mega Primal Kyogre EX

He is a awesome primal better than groudon

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89 Rayquaza Shiny Ex

He might have only 120 HP, but he does 200 attack damage and is known as the second best pokemon card. (After Shadow Lugia.)

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90 Hydreigon EX

Could be stronger in damage, but otherwise the art is awesome and this is a pretty cool card.

Have this card if they put that much cool art at least they should put more damage.

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91 Garchomp EX V 1 Comment
92 Moltres EX

It is so powerful with power flame

93 Genesect EX Genesect EX

I have him my friend Nicolas traded him to me.

It has good energy cost and side effects

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94 Emolga EX

Used to have my friend Gabriel owed it to me he gave it to me at lunch.then I quickly traded emolga ex to Vicente for oshawott Dewitt and sanctity.

95 Ditto EX

How is ditto ex better than black kyurem ex?

Sorry just looked back but still how is it better than mega blazekin ex

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96 Heatran EX

Heatran is average it's as good as articuno, Delphic etc

97 Mega Blaziken Ex

He looks cool but he's not the best

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