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How hard your life is

General rule of thumb if you can complain about how hard your life is most likely you have had a descent life, because if your life was truly hard you would not have the time to complain about it - germshep24

There are people starving in Asia/Africa/Mexico so you have/had that fine

My life is mediocre, not that good and not that bad. - XxembermasterxX

I used to exaggerate like this


I strongly disagree with this item. While I agree with the rest of the items on this good list, if anything real-life bullying needs more awareness. Contrary to what darkboi said, remember not everyone compasses the physical strength to fight back and assault their bully. Also, while "roasting" a bully gives a temporary satisfaction, it requires quick thinking, superior vocal skills & a great sense of humour. Not everyone possess these skills which makes it almost impossible for them to fight back and not to mention the immense pressure it builds on the minds of the bullied. - Joeljohns249

This is a catch 22 situation on one hand bullying as a whole is under exaggerated, but people that aren't being bullied complaining about being bullied is very exaggerated, people think that hey creationism isn't being taught in school my child's believes are being bullied on - germshep24

Verbal bullying is easier to deal with the physical bullying. - XxembermasterxX

Sometimes kids are just weird or creepy. That's why they get ignored, NOT that it's a "bullying" thing...

People's opinions

I mean all these immature and hypersensitive idiots that get butthurt over different opinions need to stop.
I mean one of them is none other than our current president and he shut down the government recently. - DarkBoi-X

This is underexaggerated, people's opinions do matter, if it wasn't for people talking about their opinions there would be any changes, but these opinions just be talked about and not just this is my opinion respect it they should be talked about and debated - germshep24


If you don't like how someone is treating you online, you can:
1- Ignore Them
2- Fight back (fight fire w/ fire)
3- Grow up, move on, stop complaining (if you take offense to what someone says you need to get higher self esteem, who cares what some random idiot who doesn't know you and who will never meet says for god sake, stop acting like it's a problem and grow up)
4- Don't engage them (block,etc)

Literally just mean words on a screen repeated a few times.

How to solve this is so easy
Hit two buttons
Block and report.

The most over exaggerated from of bullying is cyberbullying. I mean it's just mean words on a screen repeated over again. No reason you should self harm or commit suicide or act as if your life sucks because of words on a screen.

How is this any different from bullying then, it is just people saying words you could just block them out of your life


Pointing out flaws isn't bullying, but if you doing it just to be mean then you are, a criticism should be done from the view of helping said person improve their understand

Pointing out flaws isn't bullying and never will be even if it's harsh.

Criticism can help a lot.

Music saving your life

Music is amazing alright, but in no way can it "save your life" as some people say. I mean, if you're hanging off a cliff, music doesn't come along and save you.

Music is my biggest interest but how can it save your life? And most of the people that say this are attention seekers so yeah.

They mostly mean that the lyrics helped them through depression but I agree, it is silly when they say things like this.

The thing is music does save people's life, though admittedly it is usually religious or emo people that say it, but it does certainly give some the motivation to save their own life

There is a difference between motivating and saving your life

Yeah, it's a good thing to hold on to in your lowest of lows. But it didn't save your life. You did.

Edgy jokes

If you don't like a joke then you should just ignore it as it isn't your type of humor so just move on.
Also yes I am aware that edgy jokes can cross the line but still.When it doesn't people can get triggered over it. - DarkBoi-X

Yes, but if you make an insensitive joke it is up to you to take responsibility for said joke and not blame the backlash on you, that just shows your immaturity.
You were the one that said the joke you can't get made because someone takes offense unless you openly say, "hey this is just a heads up I'm about to make a terrible holocaust joke if you don't want to hear it you can leave now." - germshep24

I try to ignore those. - Userguy44

Depends really, if it's just a joke not glorifying anything bad and you get offended that's your problem, but if you make a rape joke at a rape victim then you're just an a*s. - XxembermasterxX

Identity politics

This is the worst it is just creating a us versus them mentality: this is what create supremacist groups - germshep24

How to identify what you are:
1- Do you have a D, your a guy
2- Do you have a V, your a girl
Pretty self explanatory. - RustyNail

At this point both the SJW's and Alt Right are over exaggerating it. - DarkBoi-X

If you’re not a male nor a female, then what is between your legs? - MrCoolC

Having sex

Most definitely, why the hell do people need to know who is a virgin, who you had sex with whom, how it was.
Don't worry about other people, you have sex with whom you want (as long as it is consenting) or not have sex with whomever you want - germshep24

I like the reasoning


Trolls are fun though, especially when you engage them, no matter what you do they are so naive they think they win every argument

Many are funny.But of course some go too far.

Feeding them doesn't change the situation and it only gives them power. Trolls are just people who want a reaction.

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Inappropriate things

Dear Parents: What's so bad about watching shows with cussing? Everyone is going hear them eventually. You can't protect your kids forever.

What is an inappropriate thing?
Are you talking about murdering things, and other destructive things?
Are you talking about appropriate things that could be inappropriate
Are you talking about control freaks?

Ok,some of them are bad but we're going to experience them eventually and some of these "inappropriate things" aren't even that bad.

Nothing is really inappropriate. Kids should be introduced to this world's problems, like rape, terrorism, murder, you name it. It could probably set up their future to solve said "inappropriate" thing.

How much a type of music sucks

Come on now that type of music you hate does not deserve the hate you give it, it is just not your style, let those that enjoy it, enjoy it and move on - germshep24

Me when I cannot STOP complaining of someone playing country music and Hip-Hop music. Ahh, the agony! I know, I don't care. - Kevinsidis

I'll honestly listen to almost anything if you just shove it at me. - oneshot

The only music genres with no good artists are pornogrind and crunckcore. - XxembermasterxX

Having OCD

Anything can be funny, people laugh at different things for different reasons. You say people joke about medical Condition BLANK, but then you laugh at other things that people could find offensive. Truth is, laugh at whatever you see as funny, because there will always be someone who is offended (for some reason) - RustyNail

People need to understand OCD is a mental disorder and not just some sick joke! I had to go to an mental hospital once due to my OCD. OCD is very painful and people need to stop joking about it!

Most don't even know what OCD means, they just thing oh I'm very organized I must be OCD - germshep24

How good somebody is
Coca Cola
Mental illnesses

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't!

How scary Kakunsa is
How bad Justin Bieber is

He is just a singer and not even one of the worst ever. I hate seeing comments about people getting butthurt because of Justin Bieber. Move on with your life.


Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.
How annoying genwunners are

They're extremely uncommon on the internet.

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