Top 10 Examples of Bad Political Correctness

Now it's time for me to address the bad examples of political correctness that are currently plaguing the world as we know it. Hopefully it will wake people up.

The Top Ten

1 Acting racist towards white people.

SJWs mainly want to fight for good cause by getting rid of white men. That alone is extremely hypocritical because it just makes look as equally racist as all the other racists out there anyway.

Acting racist towards anyone is bad.-DarkBoi-X

2 Asking a baby for consent when changing its diaper.

Yes, people actually believe this. Not making this up.

3 Acting sexist towards men.

Modern feminists mainly do this. I get there's some dumb, perverted and immatyre men out there who do in fact prey on women but not all men are like that, and most of the time women actually want to be treated like sex objects (not all of them but the majority to tell you the truth).

4 Redesigning a character's image to please a particular group of people.

They're trying to do this with Santa Claus by making him more transgender or intersex, just to appeal to the LGBTQ+. What's wrong with having a character they way theu should be? It's just pandering.

5 Remaking certain shows and movies just to appeal to a particular group of people.

This is currently happening with the upcoming Witcher series which (I'm not even kidding) where they will be casting blacks and asians as characters which really doesn't make sense considering how The Witcher series takes place in a medieval European setting where almost all the population back then was white. It's not be racist, it's just being more accurate to history (that would be like having a T.V. show on ancient medieval Japan and most of the cast would be white or black. It just doesn't make sense.

DreamWorks' She-Ra with it's new lesbian agenda

6 Getting easily triggered over the most harmless of things.

Mainly the Baby It's Cold Outside incident we're all familiar about.

7 Acting heterophobic towards straight people.

It's good that homophobia is finally starting to die down a bit nowadays but heterophobia is still an issue that's equally bad. Your sexual orientation shouldn't matter. What should matter the most is that we're all human.

8 Labeling non-racist things as racist.

This mainly happened with Marry Poppins, VeggieTales, Peanuts, Lord of the Rings, etc. Don't label things racist if you haven't did enough of your research.

9 Being easily sensitive to cuss words that are used in the right way.

What I mean by this is that cussing is okay and all when it's not used as a habit. They say it's better to use a cuss word than to hurt a person but cussing way too much only lessens its effect and it'll barely work if you cuss more.
But however if you're easily sensitive to cuss words that are only used for anger instead of joy, then you need to know that this is a time where people can rightfully use cuss words if they're in a serious situation.

10 Not respecting one's moral and logical opinion.

Just know that I only respect opinions unless they're either factually wrong or morally wrong. I do however respect opinions that can't be proven wrong such as liking a movie or show that others don't. And as long as they're normal, moral and of good quality then it's certainly not something for the PC crowd to worry about at all.

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11 Banning the OK sign

This exists - Maddox121

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