Top 10 Examples of Bad Political Incorrectness

Now it's time for me to point out the bad examples of political incorrectness. The ones that are bound to ruin your rep and even get you in certain trouble. Political incorrectness can be good if used properly (for example, it can be used against those who are hypersensitive or for shock value that actually serves a purpose), but you definitely need to be careful when using it and be very delicate about it.

The Top Ten

Advocating for extreme ideologies like fascism and nazism.
Overt racism.
Advocating violence and hatred against particular groups of people.
Overt sexism.
Overt homophobia.
Normalizing zoophilia.
Intentionally provoking anger in innocent people.

Mainly people who have never done anything bad to get treated poorly from others.

Animal abuse.
Normalizing pedophilia.

The SJWs are mainly guilty of this (and I highly doubt they really are PC if they're gonna allow this to happen).

Ignorantly stereotyping members of any race, gender, orientation, disability, etc. as bad people.

This is already enough to show people that you might either be racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, or pretty much all of them. Do some research so you don't give any of them the wrong idea.

The Contenders

Being racist, sexist, etc. Just for the sake of it.

Weather it's for just the sake of being edgy, or just for offending people for fun. Being Racist, Sexist, etc. just to offend people is in no way funny, and is just an A-hole thing to do.

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