Top 10 Examples of Bad Tastes in Gaming

The Top Ten

1 The Nintendo Switch is a Terrible Console
2 Waluigi is the Best Video Game Character Ever
3 Mario Kart 8 is a Bad Game
4 Every Sonic Game is Terrible
5 Grand Theft Auto V is the Best Game Ever
6 The PS2 is the Best Thing Ever
7 Nintendo is for Babies
8 Call of Duty is the Best Game Ever
9 Yoshi is Cute and Toad is Annoying
10 Peach is Bossy and Cranky

The Contenders

11 Mario is Mental

I don’t need to explain this one. If you know anything about the Mario franchise you could debunk this claim by Matpat in a matter of seconds - Randomator

How did this not make the list

12 I Like the Idea of a Crossover with Kingdom Hearts

No. It is bad enough that they crossovered Square-Enix with Disney. We don't need any more companies' characters in this.

I like it too and it's a good taste - ParkerFang

13 Wendy is the Best Portrayal of Women in the Mario Series
14 Rosalina is Stealing Peach or Daisy's Spot
15 Kingdom Hearts is Terrible

It really isn't

16 Karel is Better Than Harken

This is not a bad taste. This is a fact.

17 Daisy is a Yellow Peach Clone
18 Baby Rosalina is the Best Character

Do I have to explain - Randomator

19 FFVI is the Best Game Ever
20 Tifa is Underrated
21 Waluigi is Better Than Daisy, Rosalina, Wario, and Luigi

No he’s not maybe if he was in a main Mario game or had his own game there could be a case for this - Randomator

22 Harken is Better Than Karel

No he is not. So sick of Harken fanbrats on this site bullying me for no reason. We all know the latter is the better character. Guess who appeared as a 'saint' 20 years later in the storyline? Guess who appeared in the SpotPass DLC in Fire Emblem Awakening? Guess who appeared in Fire Emblem Heroes? Guess what, it's Karel, not Harken. So many brats can't handle the truth. Oh well...

23 Harken is More Heroic Than Karel

Nope. That's just his class name.

24 Shadow is Better and More Important Than Tails
25 Sora Should Be in Super Smash Bros.

God, I hope not

26 Crossover Ships Make Sense
27 Crossover Fanfiction and Fanart are Good
28 It is Okay to Draw Rule 34 of Underage Characters Like Cream

Rule 34 is just bad enough said - Randomator

No. Bad idea, bad.

29 Karel Should Appear in Kingdom Hearts as a Villain

NO! NO! For the love of Elimine... That is a major NO! That would suck. I am very glad KH doesn't have FE characters in it or else this will happen.

30 The Lion King is the Best Media in Everything, Including Video Games

Let me guess. TLK hater put this here - Randomator

Yes, there was a TLK game and it was trash.

31 Xbox Sucks

That is not bad taste at all. - KalloFox34

32 PlayStation Sucks
33 Console Wars are Great
34 Sora is the Best Protagonist

GOD NO. He is the worst, in fact. Seriously, man. There are way better video game protagonists out there.

Well I like Sora. - ParkerFang

35 Scar is the Best Villain
36 Organization XIII are the Best Villains

GOD NO. They suck and do nothing but attract legions of rabid fans. There are way better video game villains out there.

So what's wrong with my positive opinion about them? - ParkerFang

37 Karel Would Make a Great Antagonist or Boss Fight

I think not. He's much better as an ally to the heroes, anyway.

38 I Ship Yaoi and Yuri

This is so wrong. (Unless if the game, anime, manga or such is of the yaoi/yuri genre or something)

39 Cuphead is Horrible Because It is Hard

Difficulty doesn't mean bad idiots

40 Cuphead Sucks for Its Difficulty
41 I Ship Sans and Papyrus
42 Mario is Worse Than Wendy O Koopa
43 Mettaton Isn't Fabulous
44 Steve from Minecraft Should Be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
45 Pink Gold Peach Should Have Her Own Game
46 Xbox One is the best console
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