Top 10 Examples of Bad Tastes in Gaming


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1 Waluigi is the Best Video Game Character Ever

People are Blind Nowadays, Walugi is actually Filler Garbage - ToadF1

2 The Nintendo Switch is a Terrible Console
3 Mario Kart 8 is a Bad Game

Super Mario Kart is the Worst Mario Kart Games - ToadF1

4 Every Sonic Game is Terrible

Most Sonic Games are Actually Good..
Sonic Forces for Example - ToadF1

5 Grand Theft Auto V is the Best Game Ever
6 The PS2 is the Best Thing Ever

Who Cares? WHO CARES!? - ToadF1

7 Nintendo is for Babies

As Said by Stupid Call of Duty Fanbrats. - ToadF1

8 Call of Duty is the Best Game Ever

It's Overrated, End of Story - ToadF1

9 Yoshi is Cute and Toad is Annoying

Toad? Annoying? SERIOUSLY!?!?
Toad is Cuter than Yoshi. - ToadF1

10 Wendy is the Best Portrayal of Women in the Mario Series

Seriously, that Hoe is just a Koopaling.
How is Wendy Unique? How is she Pretty? - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Peach is Bossy and Cranky
12 Mario is Mental

How did this not make the list - Gametheorysucks

13 I Like the Idea of a Crossover with Kingdom Hearts

No. It is bad enough that they crossovered Square-Enix with Disney. We don't need any more companies' characters in this.

I like it too and it's a good taste - ParkerFang

14 Rosalina is Stealing Peach or Daisy's Spot
15 Kingdom Hearts is Terrible

It really isn't

16 Karel is Better Than Harken

This is not a bad taste. This is a fact.

17 Daisy is a Yellow Peach Clone
18 Baby Rosalina is the Best Character
19 FFVI is the Best Game Ever
20 Tifa is Underrated
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