Top 10 Examples of Good Tastes in Gaming


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1 "Toad is the Best Video Game Character Ever"

Which is true - Adventurur2

2 "The Nintendo Switch is a Good Console"

True. So is PS4 and Xbox One. Let's not forget the handhelds, PC gaming and older systems as well. They are all good. Down with console wars.

3 "Gaming Chairs are Great for Gamers"
4 "E.T is the Worst Video Game Ever"
5 "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Actually Overrated"

No, that rotten Lion King doesn't deserve to be glorified at all. I rather trash it than let everyone glorify that mess of a movie and all it's characters. In fact, it feels good to kill Mufasa. I hate that cruel bigoted dictator. Since he was only a fictional character, it wasn't a real crime to kill him. Also, this is a list you created about video games, so try not to go off topic, please.

Not overrated at all. It deserves it's praise because it is one of, if not, the best Legend of Zelda game since Ocarina of Time.

Actually it is, it Doesn't Deserve to be Glorified so Much, do you Know what deserves to be Glorified? THE LION KING! It is an Old Film even tough it's Pretty Overrated.. - ToadF1

It's not even out yet
I love TLOZ but come on guys it's not the BEST super mario oddessy will be better - Adventurur2

6 "Call of Duty is Usually Repetitive"
7 "Minecraft is Overrated"

It's the Truth - Gametheorysucks

8 "Cuphead is Actually Infuriating"
9 "Tails is not always the best Sonic character"

He's still one of the best.

There are far Better Characters out there

Sonic himself is the Best - ToadF1

Tails Fans are Annoying

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10 "Atari's Games Sucked"

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11 "Tails is one of the best Sonic characters. He should never be forgotten."

Why are you tired of this, yunafreya648? People can like Tails if they want to, and you simply cannot deny the fact that Tails is a good character. Back in 1992 when Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released, Tails was given the award of "best new character" in Electronic Gaming Monthly's video game awards, stating that he is "not only is he as cute as Sonic, but he actually serves a major purpose in the game." Even Official Nintendo Magazine lists him as the second best Sonic character. Proof? Do your research online. Tails also happens to be one of my favorite characters myself, and that shouldn't be seen as a crime at all.

First off, you do not talk to my friends like that. Second, I thought you are a respectful Karel fan. Third, I know it's your opinion but you don't have to shove the things you hate and insult the fanbases. - ParkerFang

Why are you tired of this?

Yunafreya648 is tired of you that's why she said it

Nope, I'm done with you, Tails Fanbrat

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12 "Most Sonic Games are Great"

True. I have been really enjoying Sonic Mania and am looking forward to Sonic Forces.

13 "Kingdom Hearts is a good game"

Yes - ParkerFang

"NO! " YES

No it's not.

Best game

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14 "Daisy is the best tomboy"
15 "Kingdom Hearts is terrible"

KH haters does suck

KH haters don't suck.

TRUE FACT. Hate this series so much. Confusing storyline, bland original characters, and the fact that crossovering Disney with Square-Enix does not mix too well. It also doesn't help that the series attracted a ton of sick, perverted yaoi fans. What they make is sick. Endless amount of Kingdom Hearts yaoi and crossover fanworks used to spam all over the Internet back in the 2000's before My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was made in 2010, which took over.

Seriously man, I am going to be so mad if Sora appears in the next Super Smash Bros. I hope that never happens.

More like Kingdom Hearts haters suck

16 "Shadow the Hedgehog is an overrated character."

True - ToadF1

17 "Rosalina is a good character"
18 "All consoles have good games. Not just one."
19 "Star Fox 64 is a classic and the best Star Fox."

Although I like the other games, too.

20 "Sonic Mania is a good game."

True. One of the best Sonic games in years. Hopes Forces follows that same route.

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