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Microsoft excel program is used to save the database information like tables, graphs, texts and macros in the spreadsheet files. Due to some factors, these spreadsheets become corrupt and become more or less stagnant.

In case, you are one among those who is facing MS Excel file corruption, then you don’t have to get tensed. Today there is a method and effective alternative available in the form of excel file recovery tool that can be very handy in retrieving the required information from damaged or corrupted files.

To repair the corrupt excel files, one should use the inbuilt repair tool of Microsoft office or best third party data recovery program.

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1 Kernel for Excel Recovery

Kernel for Excel Recovery able to recovers all kinds of information in the Excel sheet. I have already used to repair my corrupt excel file and it works well.


This is amazing time saving tool for me.

Easy to Use, Free Version available to try, License version is also available at very low cost than other tools in market.

Kernel for Excel is a effective utility that has been specially designed to handle corruption issues in MS Excel worksheets. This software perform intensively scans the damage. Xls or. Xlsx files and instantly recovers data from the files inaccessible due to virus attack, improper system shutdown, file corruption and software malfunction.

It successfully recover tables, data structures, hyperlinks, headers, footers and other elements without any changing the actual formatting and data properties. This tool provides fast and accurate results and thus is the best solution to repair excel file that got damaged. - ashishkr

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2 RecoveryFix for Excel

I got excellent experience with this application. It will be easily recovers all your excel data successfully.

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3 Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

Amazing experience with Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair software.

It repaired my file successfully...

I started with the first tool that is Kernel. It was unable to fix my problem. Second is recoveryfix which was not better than the Kernel.

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair helped me to repair my Excel file successfully.

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4 Excel File Repair Tool

An excellent tool to recover data from corrupt or inaccessible XLS and XLSX file of MS Excel.

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5 Recovery for Excel Visit Website9
6 ExcelFIX

Thanks, great software!

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7 DataNumen Excel Repair

It helps me restore all my data lost in a power failure. And all the operation are easy enough to be handled by new hand.

After using the demo version, I buy the full version. It works pretty good.

I will continue to support this product because it is really great.

It's really helpful to me!

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8 S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Excel
9 SysInfoTools Excel Recovery

"Great tool to recover your lost data file types of Excel sheet like graphs, tables, formulas etc. with full accuracy. Try its free version for the satisfactory outcome

I have tried so many free version of Excel recovery tool to repair my highly corrupt xlsx file, but only SysInfoTools is only one that restore maximum data from the excel sheet. Thanks Team!

One of the best tool that I ever used.

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10 Repair Excel File

The tool helps you when dealing with corrupt or damaged of Excel file. - ashishkr

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11 Advanced Excel Repair

DataNumen Excel Repair (DEXCELR) (formerly Advanced Excel Repair) is the best tool to repair corrupt Excel files. It will scan the Excel files and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption. - ashishkr

12 iCare Data Recovery
13 Stellar Excel Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Home provide an option to recover deleted or lost excel file from the Windows drive. Know More -

14 MS Excel Repair Tool

This is an amazing tool, it help me to repair my corrupted excel 2016 file. I found this tool in a forum thread and utilized it.

I first utilized the demo version and when my corrupted files are repaired then I purchased the full version. This tool allows me to save the data in preferred location and also repair multiple files at one time. - lorein0688

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