Most Exciting SpongeBob SquarePants Seasons

Here are, in my opinion, the Spongebob Squarepants seasons from most to least exciting.

The Top Ten

1 Season 5

I loved this season so much since I first watched an episode from this season in 2008. I love it, it has some episodes that are nice such as Mermaidman vs. SpongeBob and The Algae's Always Greener. This is my most favorite season and it's the most exciting.

2 Season 4

I also watched Season 4 of SpongeBob very often in 2008. I enjoyed the episodes of Season 4, too. It's the 2nd most exciting season for me.

3 Season 3

This was my 3rd most favorite season in SpongeBob SquarePants, and it's the 3rd most exciting for me.

4 Season 2

I started watching Season 2 in 2007. It was so exciting and my favorite episode was Jellyfish Hunter, where SpongeBob and the blue jellyfish who was later named Friend saved all the jellyfish.

5 Season 1

It's also a good SpongeBob season. I watched most episodes in 2007 or 2008 for the first time, but I saw Help Wanted later since the DVD I had didn't have it. The episode Valentine's Day is funny especially when I see SpongeBob and Patrick play in the house of mirrors.

6 Season 8

It's also nice, but the seasons mentioned above are more exciting for me. I don't neccessarily have a favorite in this season, and all episodes here are fine for me.

7 Season 6

Again, I don't neccessarily have a favorite. All of them are fine, but the episode I remember the most is Spongicus, where SpongeBob is in Plankton's colliseum.

8 Season 7

There are some funny things in The Tunnel of Glove, such as when Patrick got the generator that looks like SpongeBob and then played cards with the generator. It's a funny episode from Season 7.

9 Season 9

I didn't get that excited with the episodes in Season 9. The only one that was exciting for me was Squid Defense, where Squidward is taught by SpongeBob and Sandy how to do karate. The Seance episode wasn't exciting to me at all, and so was Kenny the Cat. Most Season 9 episodes don't really seem to have the original energy of SpongeBob.

10 Season 10

This isn't out yet.

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