Top 10 Most Exciting Things In 2016


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1 The 2016 Río de Janeiro Olympics

I can't wait! I'm very excited.

I hope it doesn't get cancelled because of that dumb zika virus.

Zika may be bad but zika is nothing compared to Ebola


2 The 2016 Presidential Election
3 Sonic's 25th Anniversary

What if there's going to be a sonic maker

4 Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice

Screw the critic reviews, this movie is amazing - Shake_n_Bake13

Saw it. Kind of disappointing. Batman was totally going to win. - AnonymousChick

The movie was alright could've been better.

Well That Was Super Boring

5 iPhone 7

I have a really bad phone. My friend is complaining about her iPhone 4 and how she wants a seven. A d I'm here like, I'll pay 200 dollars for it! - AnonymousChick

Maybe it's time for you to get a new phone if it's bad. If I were your friend I would get a new phone if it's not working right or if its out of date. - SapphireGrim

I don't even have a phone, and there are people on YouTube who make videos of them breaking iPhones. - Catacorn

I'm getting one for my birthday. :D

6 Leap Year
7 The Oscars
8 Google and Ford will make a driverless car
9 Amazon Drones
10 Independence Day 2

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11 Jackie Evancho's New Album

S'posed to come out this year...can't wait! - BobG

12 Christmas
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1. The 2016 Río de Janeiro Olympics
2. The 2016 Presidential Election
3. Sonic's 25th Anniversary


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