Top Ten Most Exciting Things to Find In Minecraft


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1 Diamond

I love finding diamonds, it just brings excitement into me. every time I find that ore I jump for joy and mine as much as I can find!

WHY ISN'T THIS NUMBER 1? This is like the most exciting thing on Minecraft! - Asuna_Yuuki

These are diamonds why aren't they in number one? Diamond is strongest thing in vanilla Minecraft.

Why is diamonds number 2?. ? I always get exited finding diamonds


DIamonds. Bob is dead so buy da diamonds. yes ha

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2 Ender Portal

If you found an ender portal in the grass I'd hug myself

How's this number 1

The end is that dragons deth

This is rarier, than diamonds. - ---ChargedZircon---

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3 Red Stone

Yep you can make a ton of contraptions with it

4 Ender Pearl
5 Herobrine

He's a Sweden like notch and he just want our help to kill entity 303

If I find herobrine I wood have a heart attack!

This can't happen. - Goatworlds

If I found herobrine, I'd kill myself, literally!

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6 A Generated Structure Which Has Never Been Seen Before

Actually diamonds there are a lot in the world but strongholds and stuff there is like only 2 in the whole infinite world

That would be cool to see a house or something just there that you didn't build

Me and my friend were playing Minecraft and we found this random house on the water and their was a vilage not to far away and we found some iron armor! - Wolfpelt

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7 Carrots

I love being able to start a farm that isn't wheat for once

8 Potatoes

Basic villige food and useful

Potatoes are awesome.
-------> Click vote, or I'll eat cookies in front of you, and I won't share!

9 Charged Creeper

Boom! In 1.8 creepers or zombies killed by these will drop their heads!

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10 Emerald

The sad thing is, I found 12 emeralds in a world but no diamonds - lolingdog9000

Emeralds are the rarest!

Very Rare, but useless...

I found emeralds but I didn't hafe a iron pick NNNOOOB - Wolfpelt

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11 Gold
12 Iron

I like Iron because its common and the tools you can make out of it are actually pretty good.

13 A Boss the Creators Did Not Announce
14 YouTubers

Yea its cool, but people crowd all over them, even if they're doing absolutely nothing

A YouTuber tends to end up getting a whole bunch of people viciously crowding around them on a server.

But he had a bunch of adj people standing around - Lunala

In Hypixel there was this Youtuber guy who joined. He wasn't as famous as Dantdm (he was lesser known) but had - Lunala

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15 Dirt

You don't see that every day!

You won't believe it there's like 20 biomes were dirt is so common you can find it easier then diamonds

Don't feed the troll guys

Yeah you do.

16 Dungeon

Way better than a stinkin' carrot! Dig out underneath 'em, box them in, and make a farm!

17 Villages

I vote yes because you can steal the blacksmiths stuff, and you can camp there for free!

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18 Bow and Arrows
19 Abandoned Mine Shaft

I wonder what the shafts would look like before they were abandoned?

I like exploring abandoned mineshafts, especially when they are in ravines.

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20 Poop

You can holy find it in a mob

Look in your toilet, genius!

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