Top Ten Most Exclusive and Rarest Cars On the Planet

This list contains the details of few of the world's the best, the fastest and most exclusive cars on the planet.

The Top Ten

1 Koenigsegg Trevita

Imagine driving a car that only two other people in the entire world have. That's how owners of the diamond colored Koenigsegg Trevita feel. Deemed the world's most expensive street-legal production car by Forbes, this is one car few people will ever even see, much less drive.
The two-door, 250 mph (420km/h) beast with an engine as powerful as the Veyron's but weighing half as much, is placed at a price of 2.21 million. - nick007

But the price tag today is around 5 million U SD. t he chassi is coated in white carbon fibre (its not tinted carbon fibre) which in the sun makes it looks like it was made of diamonds. There were meant to be 3 of them (because Trevita means three whites in Swedish). but there was only officially produced 2 in 2009. The 3rd still remains as a myste ry. t here is a theory over this mysterium at this link: http ://koenigsegg- regist ry.n et / (scroll down to the article posted on 25th of August 2015).

2 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

The street-legal version of the Zonda R, the Cinque Roadster, was limited to a run of just five models (hence the "cinque") that all sold before they were even manufactured. The Cinque Roadster, with a zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph (249 km/h) was placed at a price more than 1.8million.
The five lucky owners has made a solid investment as the prices of used Zondas are booming. - nick007

3 Porche 959

Manufactured by Porsche from 1986 to 1989 as a Group B rally car. This twin-turbocharged beast was the world's fastest street-legal production car of its time, boasting a speed of 314km/h and a sport model of 317km/h. It was considered the most technologically advanced road-going sports car ever built, and forerunner of all future super cars, an all wheel drive. Only 337 were ever built, making it extremely rare and expensive. - nick007

4 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder

How I love this South African car

A Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder, 1 of 33 & once owned by US actor James Coburn, is the world's rarest & most expensive vintage car. It sold for £5.6m. - nick007

5 Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang

The Pur Sang, a special-edition of the original Bugatti Veyron 16.4, may just be the most exclusive of them all: Every last one of its limited run of five sold out in less than 24 hours. One of the fastest, most powerful and most expensive supercars, the Pur Sang reaches velocities that would lift it off the ground if not for its aerodynamic design.
The Pur Sang's 8.0L, 16 cylinder engine packs 1,001 horsepower and propels the car to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds, while its high-tech intelligent braking system stops it even faster.
Just five Bugatti Veyron Pur Sangs were made, and they are some of the fastest and most expensive supercars on the road - nick007

who hood

6 Lamborghini Reventón Roadster

The Lamborghini Reventón is one of the world's most expensive street-legal automobiles currently in production. With a limited production of only 15 cars and a price tag of $1.56m, the majority of which were already claimed before the model even officially went on sale. It has a V12 650-hp engine that goes 0-60 in just 3.4secs and a top speed of 205mph (330kmph). With its glass engine hood, solid aluminum fuel tank lid and high-tech liquid crystal displays, the Roadster practically screams exclusive. - nick007

7 Zenvo ST1

Boutique supercar status and being from Dubai makes it doubly rare

It is from Denmark you retard

This hand-built supercar, has a V12 engine with a total of 1,014hp and can hit 100kmph in just 3 sec flat. Top speed on this Danish supercar is 233mph (375kmph). Its 7.0L twin charged engine (supercharged and turbocharged) packs in more power than the world-record-holding Bugatti Veyron and can run on either gas or ethanol. - nick007

8 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 Single-Seater

The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 single-seater racing car driven by legendary five-times world champion Juan Manuel Fangio became the most-expensive car ever sold at auction, sold at a staggering $29.9m. - nick007

9 Ferrari 250 GTO

One recently sold for 12 million $$, only 36 ever made, best ferrari ever made.

Most expensive cars and only 36 made; 1960s cars

10 Lamborghini Aventador J

There is only one...

Only one was made an open model with noroof the rearest in lamborgini

The Contenders

11 Aston Martin One-77

Only 77 were made

12 McLaren F1 LM

Number Produced: 5
If the standard McLaren F1 wasn't extreme enough for you, there was always this: the McLaren F1 LM. Based on the legendary F1 GTR race car, the LM had the few creature comforts found in the F1 removed to save weight, and sat on much stiffer suspension. Aerodynamics also played an important part, with the LM getting the front splitter, rear diffuser and giant rear wing from the GTR.

13 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 S N.A.R.T. Spider

It was to be a custom run of 25 cars straight from Scaglietti, but just 10 were built in 1967 and 1968, making this one of the most valuable Ferraris. [2] The ten NART Spiders used chassis numbers 09437, 09751, 10139, 10219, 10249, 10453, 10691, 10709, 10749, and 11057. Sold at an auction for $27.5m, ranking it the second most expensive car sold at an auction. - nick007

14 1954 Oldsmobile F-88

Another car that scores pretty high in the aspirational index is the 1954 Oldsmobile F-88. The General Motors designed car was a radical departure from cars of its ear and sported a 250 HP V8 Rocket engine among other things. Only four of these dazzling vehicles were built and a recent auction of a surviving car fetched $3.5 million.

15 1938 Phantom Corsair

Few cars in the world can match the appeal of the Phantom Corsair when measured by the yardstick of exclusivity. The Corsair was considered to be a revolutionary design and an engineering marvel at the time of its launch in 1938 and was blessed with an eerie resemblance to the iconic “Batmobile”. It featured futuristic designs like electronically operated doors, altimeter and even a beverage cabinet at its rear. Only one Phantom Corsair was ever built and the car never entered productions owing to a multitude of reasons. If the car is ever auctioned, it can easily shatter the $10 million mark.

16 Devel Sixteen Prototype

Definitely the best car out there. 347 is the Devel top speed! How is number 20

Breaks the Veyron record at a top speed of 290. However this V-16 monster is not road legal. It costs about 5-10 million.

17 Ferrari 375-Plus Spider Competizione

A 1945 Ferrari 375-Plus was sold at an auction for $18.2 million. That is woah! Making it the third most expensive car sold at an auction. The Ferrari 375-Plus had the biggest engine that Ferrari ever made, a 4.9-litre V12.
Piloted by a few legendary drivers, which included Umberto Maglioli and José Froilán González, it took part in events like Le Mans and the Mille Miglia. The rarity of this Ferrari and people who drove it made it a legend. - nick007

18 Duesenberg V12 Supercharged
19 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible

The 1967 and the 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T convertible makes it to the rarefied list due to the fact that only two cars were built per model. The Dodge Coronet can fetch up to $250,000 at any current auction.

20 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe

The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe is next in the list of most expensive cars in the globe. Only six units of these vintage beauties were ever built, which easily turns the Kellner Coupe into one of the rarest cars in the world. The vehicle was powered by a 12.7 liter aircraft engine and managed to fetch to earn a whopping price tag of $9.7 million at the 1987 Albert Hall auction conducted by Christie’s. The reason why this car is ranked number one is because it is estimated to be worth double the auction price in 1987, making it's worth approximately $19 million.

21 Lykan Hypersport
22 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

Only 4 were made, 3 are known to survive, 2 have won the Best of Show award at Pebble beach, 1 was sold privately for a reported $40~$50M, 0 cars in the world are more beautiful than these.

23 Lamborghini Veneno
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