Top Ten Excuses for Being Late to Class That Will Get You Suspended

The Top Ten Excuses for Being Late to Class That Will Get You Suspended

1 The reason I'm late because I don't give a **** if I'm late you stupid *****

About 99.99% of kids in my school would never say that to a teacher. 😂 - RockFashionista

LMAO So funny

2 I was giving nerds a swirlie

Hey, you missed me! - Cyri

That is the funniest thing ever

3 I was having sex with the principal

What if the teacher is the principal's husband/wife? - Cyri

Anyone who actually did this was probably desperate. - Skullkid755

I didn't add this... - Nateawesomeness

4 I was doing fun stuff that was more important than class, deal with it stupid
5 I was trying to buy a bombing plane so I can bomb this school


6 I was in a fist fight with another student


7 Because I was spreading rumors about you on instagram

I can't stp laughing

8 I was writing "school is ****" on the school walls
9 I was putting a knife in my locker

It was for cake! Hear me out! Sure, the cake looks an awful lot like my classmates, but CAKE! No, don't call 911! Wait! Stop! - Cyri

But I just wanted to make some food :( - RoseWeasley


10 I was signing up to join ISIS

The Contenders

11 I was getting laid

Every day bruh...

12 I was going to random classes screaming in their rooms

That is so funny

I’ve actually done this before. Let’s say the result was not as bad as I expected.
~ AlphaQ

13 I was watching porn

I watch porn on a daily

14 I was playing Five Nights at Freddy's on my school iPad


15 I was killing people

Your lessons are worse, though. At least when I kill, it's not slow and painful. - Cyri

16 I was busy playing Fortnite

One of my friend's friend actually missed the bus to play Fortnite once. He has a username saying that he missed the bus.

17 I was too busy dabbing and saying dank memes

Dem Dank memes - gamerkitty6274

Dank shii

18 I was shagging the maths teacher again
19 I was destroying your house
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