Best Barbell Exercises

Barbell exercises require few and relatively inexpensive equipments. Unlike gym exercise for which you need special equipments for each exercise you can perform most barbell exercises using a simple barbell, a set of weights and a workout bench. This also means that since barbell exercises take little room to perform, they can be performed anywhere; be it at home, at the gym, wherever.
The Top Ten
1 Bench Press

THE most popular barbell exercise of all time, apart from the Biceps Curl.

2 Squat

Another favourite of the people, and the best one to brag about- "I did xyz number of squats the other day"

3 Dead Lift
4 Military Press (Shoulder Press)
5 Bent-Over Row
6 Military Press - Behind Neck
7 Biceps Curl
8 Triceps Extension
9 High Pull
10 Barbell Push Press

Another effective exercise for the shoulders

The Contenders
11 Barbell Shrug
12 Barbell Trunk Rotation
13 Half Squat
14 Front Squat
15 Wrist Curl
16 Wrist Curl - Behind Back
17 Wrist Extension
18 Bent-Over Row - Prone Position
19 Stiff-Legged Dead Lift
20 Power Clean and Press
21 Barbell Pullover
22 Barbell Side Bend
23 Biceps Curl - Prone Position
24 Barbell Upright Row
25 Military Press - Seated
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