Top Ten Gadgets for Working Out Without Exercising

This list presents the top gadgets that, when worn, could help the wearer keep in shape while doing everyday activities. Some of them even burn calories or decrease stress better than actually exercising. I know most users would agree with this.
The Top Ten
1 Posture Braces

Helps hold up the body throughout the day when worn under clothing. Reduces lower back pain and increases oxygen intake.

2 Resistance Bands

Could be used to exercise the ankle joints and toes while sitting down, even at a board meeting.

3 Wrist Weights

Helps to increase upper hand muscles while swinging arms while walking around.

4 Ankle Weights

Helps develop leg muscles while walking around with them strapped on around the ankles. Could also be placed on the chest to aid breathing.

5 Fitness Stride

Could be worn around ankles or knees. Helps to exercise while sitting down or walking around. Its effect is similar to jogging.

6 Weighted Shoes

Helps burn six times more calories than weights carried on the head or torso.

7 Twist Boards

Helps to flex muscles, tighten the body and lose weight. All you have to do is try to stand straight on it.

8 Body Wraps

Helps to burn fat by increasing stimulating intense sweating. Continued usage burns massive fats and tightens the muscles.

9 Posture Corrector Cushions

Helps straighten the spine while sitting down.

10 Massager

Helps stimulate smoother blood flow throughout the body.

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