Best Muscle Building Exercises

Which of the following exercises would you choose if you could only do one muscle building exercise for the rest of your life?
The Top Ten
1 Pull Up

It didn't gave me any.

2 Military Press
3 Bench Press

Love it man. I'm 16 and can bench 300 lbs

4 Dip
5 Deadlift
6 Biceps Curl

warning- my opinion! curls are a waste of time and energy. Squats, snatches, deadlifts are so much better for overall strength. If you are trying to get stronger biceps, try some slow, controlled pull ups using proper form and full range of motion.

7 Squat
8 Skullcrusher
9 Bent Over Row
10 T Bar Row
The Contenders
11 Push Up
12 Plank

Works basically everything out

13 Dumbbell Flyes
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