Top Ten Most Existential Movies

Ever watched a movie and thought, "Holy cow my life is different forever"... ?
There are movies that are pure entertainment and then there are films that realign your mental state completely. Motion pictures don't need to be simply "fun," they can also be a source of philosophical enlightenment.
The list below makes up the best Existential movies put out by Hollywood. These are all movies that will open your eyes and possibly change your perspective on life. I say they are "existential" because they all pass the message that there are no Universal Truths out there. Instead, they teach/show that all truths are subjective to the individual experiencing them; that we all create our own meaning.
The Top Ten
1 Revolver Revolver Product Image

Guy Ritchie at his finest. While many critics labeled this one of the dumbest shows ever made, those who understood the message regarding the true subjects have hailed it as a masterpiece.
You can watch this movie as many times as you want and you will never stop discovering new perspectives that relate to your own life.

2 I Heart Huckabees I Heart Huckabees Product Image

Comedy, romance, drama, and an existential crisis make this both entertaining and paradigm changing.
It just might change the way you see your interactions with those around you.

3 Fight Club Fight Club Product Image

I know it's been doted on for years now but Fight Club really does have some incredible messages. The movie goes WAY beyond showing you the pointless tedium of a consumer lifestyle...

4 The Last Samurai The Last Samurai Product Image

Ok, while you have to sit through Tom Cruise and the insult to Japanese culture that he represents, the descriptions of Samurai and their way of life (a little Taoism creeps in) definitely adds some sense of priority to your own life.

5 Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now Product Image

War movies that both show the necessity of war as well as the ugly truths? Whether you're a pacifist or not, this movie will get you thinking about the inner working of people put inn extraordinary situations.

6 The Matrix The Matrix Product Image

We've all seen this one too but it never gets old. Definitely speaking to those who feel disillusioned with modern society, The Matrix poses one of the quintessential René Descartes questions about the true nature of existence.

7 Into the Wild Into the Wild Product Image

Sometimes no matter what you do to try to live a free life, you can't escape the inevitable. Based on a true story, you'll want to pack your bags and take your chances at experiencing true "freedom."

8 American Beauty American Beauty Product Image

It's hard to not see the beauty in futility - especially as depicted in this wonderful film about the hopes and tragedy of everyday life.

9 The Darjeeling Limited The Darjeeling Limited Product Image

Besides the star-studded cast and the vivid cinematography, this movie is sprinkled with questions about who you want to be and what you want out of life - even if you don't always get to chose.

10 Office Space Office Space Product Image

Yeah, it just has to be on here for the portrayal of awakening. We all have glimpses of our own futility in life... What would it be like to break free?

The Contenders
11 Dinosaur Dinosaur Product Image
12 The Good Dinosaur The Good Dinosaur Product Image
13 The Lion King
14 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey Product Image
15 Wall-E Wall-E Product Image
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