Best Existential Outlooks on Life

There are many ways to experience life in the here and now, but which is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Life is meaningless

Why even post on this answer? - NumeroUno

2 Existence precedes essence

This answer will be here no matter what you do - NumeroUno

3 All is one

We're all really the same when it comes right down to it - NumeroUno

4 I think therefore I am

What are we but our thoughts? - NumeroUno

5 Suffering is pointless

Is all of life just pain avoidance? - NumeroUno

6 Hedonism

Is all of life just pleasure seeking? - NumeroUno

7 All in all you're just another brick in the wall

Your just a cog in the machine. What can you do? - NumeroUno

8 Everyone is in bad faith

No one can handle the truth. Not even you. Accepting this as truth is contradiction. - NumeroUno

9 Who is John Galt?
10 Love wins

After all is said and done what do we have but the love of others? Isn't that what every moment of your life is for? - NumeroUno

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