Top Ten Best Exo Members at Aegyo

This is a list of exo's ability in dong aegyo..
You guys can vote freely^_^

The Top Ten

1 Baekhyun

He is cute even when not doing aegyo. Its just in his nature. The weekly idol cut of aegyo king obviously shows that baek is the best. Luhan a close 2nd though.

When he is doing aegyo he is so handsome and very cute... HE IS SO AWESOME FOR ME...

Just the weekly idol aegyo battle cut will prove to you baekhyun is the best in aegyo! I REALLY DIED WHEN HE DID THAT AEGYO

He doing aegyo is cutest thing ever *-* Even if he isn't doing it he is still cute. I just love him 💕💕 - bangtanluv

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2 Sehun Sehun

When he doing aegyo, that's so cute. I Love you Sehun

He doesn't even have to do anything and it's still cute

Sehun's aegyo is just too adorable! The way his eyes sparkle and how he grins is to much! At first he didn't seem like the one to be doing aegyo at all. But Bam once he did, he was a fluff ball of cuteness! After all he is our cute maknae

Why is this even a question, sehun obviously

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3 Luhan Luhan

Luhan is the cutest man alive in the whole world. Even thought he is just sitting and reading book, he will look cute just because of his baby face. In my class, my friends like luhan only and most hated is suho. I love you for luhan and I hate you for suho. :}

I love you Luhan. how I wish I could see you personally. it would be the best gift ever for my birthday

I love Luhan even if he's not in EXO anymore.

He's perfect

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4 D.O

His normal expression was an aegyo.

I agree he's cute aegyo or no aegyo

It does'nt matter if he does an aegyo or not he is still the cute with his calm expression... Saranghae!

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5 Xiumin

He's reply cute in everything I had never seen such a cute person like this before I can't believe he is at no.6 and he seems to be the youngest

He's the best in aegyo though!

Xiumin is the best

Baekhyun is my UT bias but when it comes to aegyo, Xiumin is just so adorable ^_^

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6 Tao

I really love tao. I love the way he smiles, his blue eyes, his childish character and his hot sexy gangster look. I love tao the way he are :))
I really love him whole hearted :)).

Tao is so adorable and though he looks really tough on the outside, he has so much aegyo and he's so immature (i LOVE immature). Esp that episode of happy camp when he said he always showers with the members... Died laughing! Yup, it's kung fu tao for me. Not to mention I've fantasized about being his girlfriend several times ^_^

Tao oppa is our cute immature Kung fu panda that we all love! SARANGHE TAO OPPA!

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7 Kai

More sexy than cute personally

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8 Lay Lay Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

He is cute without knowing it.

Lay is so goddess for me.

Lay is so cute!

Yes, lay is naturally cute. He doesn't like to be called cute, but he definitely is! Solo aegyo 💕😚😚😊

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9 Suho Suho Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

His cuteness makes me cringe
But that's what makes him our dad right

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10 Chen

He's always unintentionally being cute. He doesn't even try yet he steals everyone's hearts.

He's a cute dinosaur. He don't need to do anything to be cute.

The Contenders

11 Chanyeol

Why chanyeol is 11. He had to be 1. I think it is something wrong.

Well he's just too cute without even trying

His smile can gives me happy, if he do bbuing bbuing he' still smiling.. Cute

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12 Kris Kris

I just love his wink

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