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1 Growl

At last...! Growl become number 1 on this list..last time this was no.3..well, this song deserve to be number 1 because it has the elements of american r&b or hip hop style on this song! WE ARE ONE.. WE ARE EXO! FIGHTING!

Fall in love with this song when I first hear it, awesome voices and music great choreography and the most important thing is how they film the music video. - iloveso2baby

This song have 4 wins in a row! Definitely their best single so far.. And peaked #4 on billboard kpop hot 100 surpassing wolf which only peaked #25.. Deserving to be on the top spot!


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2 Overdose

Warning! Warning! Warning! This song Make you Addicted with EXO, Please, Someone Call the doctor I'm in Exo Overdose

The best song from EXO, hands down! This song was the first one that made me fall in love with them. It has a great flow, and doesn't sound weird to the ears, wether or not you understand Korean. Need that song has great singers, an addictive beat, and an awesome dance!? This is the song you're looking for!

I'm not exo's biggest fan but this song is so perfect. My feels when two of the guys poked their cheeks/dead/

I voted twice! I like the bit in the choruse when it goes from high to low or if u go on iTunes and search the song play the sample and that bit love the song when they touchcTheir Cheeks 😂😂😂I just imagined a fish blowing bubbles sound 😂

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3 Wolf Wolf

Just love everything about the song from the beat to the dancing. I think the style that exo brings is very unique and different to what other groups bring. Its more hard hitting and I love LOVE the dance moves as well.

This song was so awesome! And with their dance! !

The beat of this song is so addictive to listen to... I think exo is no comparison to suju beacause they have their own kind of music and style

Even though I don't understand Korean I sing it aloud like a crack but I don't feel shy or awkward because this song made me fall in love with exo forever...

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4 Call Me Baby Call Me Baby

This was the first song that I found by EXO and I just fell in love with it! I can't express how amazing this song is and it just made me feel very happy every time I listen and watch the music video of this song! This song is just addicting and the feeling is as well. Also, Chanyeol is just so hot with his grayish-blue hair and I just can't get enough of him from the music video! All of the EXO guys were just too hot and their dance was so awesome! This is just their best song ever!

Oppa this song re arranged my bias lists like really I love the song this is amazing funny thing I only realised Luhan and Kris weren't in it ops the dancing is good and the chorus is so catchy help me I'm trapped in this wonderful fandom believe in me like Kris did in his drawings

For some reason I didn't like EXO until this song. This song was obviously not directed towards me, but it felt like it was, them just calling me "baby" over and over made me feel special. It lured me in. Thanks a lot hot Korean guys...

BEST SONG EVER! Move this up people.

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5 Baby Don't Cry

Baby don't cry because this song you can relate and its very good when you know what is the meaning of this song

An endearing song about a mermaid (according to live interviews of the EXO boys explaining their songs). I love how the song has a mellow tune and it's easy to listen to. Not over powering, just genuine and nicely composed to catch an audience's attention.

I really like this song because of its masterpiece every lyrics is meaningful and when I listened to it that it has so much emotion that my heart beat fast! EXO is really amazing!

I just love this song very much.Its full of emotions.From the music to lyrics,its awesome...

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6 Mama Mama

MAMA is no doubt a masterpiece. It was such a brave move for EXO to debut with a non-radio friendly song and despite not gaining appeal from the general public, I think this is one of the best songs that SM has ever produced. From the message, the arrangement, and how the song affects you in a creepy and baffling kind of way. No one can pull this song off aside from EXO.

Still listen to this every night and before sleeping I have to say best song ever this song led me to finding out about exo I heared it from a random ringing phone haha thanks stranger Oh yeah MAMA IS THE BEST

I'm a fan of EXO so much that I always subscribe them... And one of the music video I like is MAMA I don't it keeps singing on my head maybe it just shows how great their song MAMA is that I can't get it out of my head!

The intro though jeez goosebumps! Still the best!

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7 What is Love? What is Love?

This song almost helps you think about what love should be.

This song is sooo cute

Love this

8 History History

Love this song very much! And I love baekhyun! EXO ARE number 1! DAEBAK

It's just such an amazing song, and the way it symbolizes how all of EXO is united, and one. It deserves to be at least number two.

It's my one of my favorite song of EXO

I love this song and the lyrics, and the beat. This song is amazing

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9 Black Pearl Black Pearl

I love this song. It gives me quite a mysterious atmosphere and I love the chorus part.

This song is so beautiful. There's no other way to describe it... it's just absolutely gorgeous and powerful and it is definitely one of my favourite, if not my favourite song by Exo.

This deserves at least 5th place I love this song, the smooth lyrics, the adventurous and overwhelming beat, just yes.

"This is like the best song ever. It has such a great melody and creates a really interesting, mysterious mood. The lyrics are so meaningful and the voices are phenomenal. 10/10 for real.

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10 Xoxo Xoxo

I love every song's of exo I LOVE YOU EXO

A nice song with addicting rhythm

I wasnt an exo fan until I actually listened to this art peice I just think exo ahould stick to rnb instead of horrible songs like wolf

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11 Miracles In December Miracles In December

This is the first song that I heard from exo I fell in love with them as soon as I listened to it. Can't believe that it is not in the top ten list. Any way best ballad song. Love you guys

This song is beautiful, romantic and Chen's voice is amazing. I love it!

I don't understand how the tragedy of wolf( not really just not the best title song you can have, Black Pearl would have been better, history, what is love, XOXO, and especially baby don't cry are seemingly better than this song. Heck, the INSTRUMENTAL is better than some of songs because its just that beautiful and well composed. I never really understood the baby don't cry hype its just not that good. ( My personal opinion, you do not have to agree)
Regardless the harmony of the vocal line is beautiful though I wish there was a Chen high note at the end( not saying the bridge wasn't but it would have been pretty cool).

This is the only song that made me cry before promise was released.. it has the best lyrics.

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12 Monster Monster

Monster is EXO's latest song and it's amazing. In just 24 hours, it had a 4.5 million views breaking their old record. I have personally listened to it over a billion times. The song itself is incredible and when paired with their choreography is just breathtaking. This should seriously be in number 1!

Why isn't this song number one. This song literally was their come back. This song showed the public that Exo was capable of more than what they believed. There are many more Exo and in general kpop fans now because of this song. This song is not just good its amazing and addicting. Its nothing like I have ever heard before. Exo beat their old record with this song for a reason. Go Exo fighting.

I like the vocals and the fact that they actually got a part to sing and not just that but ChanYeol and Baekhyun aren't at the back anymore it's also so catchy and the music video is so good it's different than before up to now monster has surpassed overdose but I can't say anything about growl

I absolutely love this song. The harmony of their voices is so beautiful in this. I think this song deserves to be number 1.

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13 Don't Go

Deeper then "Baby, don't go". Maybe not that heart-breaking, but wakes some deep emotions in me! Love it! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

One of their mellow songs on their new album.. Along with baby don't cry.

Not only do I love the song, but also the instrumental and piano covers. The instrumental and piano covers just make the song even more lovely. It totally gives it the whole "Farewell" feeling to it

For me, this is the best song from exo. Watching Kai dancing, listening Do and Baekhyun's beautiful voices, it's heaven to me.

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14 3.6.5 3.6.5

MY ANTHEM! Makes me dance and sing along - YOUnique253

Just turn this song up makes me forget how bad I am at math clasd

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15 Peter Pan Peter Pan

I really like this music of EXO especially the lyrics it has make my heart beat really fast especially it was sung by my favorite EXO! More power to u! May you can create a more amazing song for us! I will always support you no matter what happen!

This is a real heart warmer. If you know the lyrics, then you will be touched. I love how all of exo's songs have extremely meaningful lyrics, and beautiful rhythms. This rap is just an art, and I felt the devotion of the members fill me up.

Great heart warming song makes me cry :'-(... Exo fighting!

I love this song! Even without knowing the lyrics, I thought it sounded wonderful. I really love this song! WE ARE ONE!

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16 Let Out the Beast Let Out the Beast

It is AMAZING! With an amazing beat and lyrics.

This song is manly just like them

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17 My Lady My Lady

This song is so underrated. Honestly being a fan since the beginning I think this one is really good like I genuinely think it's better than some that are more up there but anyways all of these songs are pretty good at the end

I don't know EXO that much but this song is so bomb. Bring back the r&b! Totally agree that its underrated. The vocals on this song are amazing! Harmony and the beat are so smooth. My other favorite is "What if"

I like this song and I everyday see the video but I'm not bored of this this is the best song forever

This song strikes just the right cords! Was floored since the first time I heard it. The melody is easy and smooth and just the right amount of flirty

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18 Thunder Thunder

The beat and the beginning. Ugh! So amazing.

Thunder just has such a different sound and is personally my favorite EXO song and even after falling in love with others, I always come back to this one

It really is one the best! It should be in the top 5! One of those precious gems you can find in albums!

"I honestly don't know why this song isn't like in the top 5, because it is the BEST song ever. The members' voices, the great lyrics, and awesome beat creates this total masterpiece. This was the first song I showed to some non-kpop fans, and they were instantly an exo fan. They LOVED it!

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19 El Dorado El Dorado

The most epic and grand sounding track released in kpop history. Baekhyun's high notes absolutely kill it. The opera in the background and the powerful beat boost the chorus. The song really makes you feel like you've found the legendary city of El Dorado.

After hearing most of EXO's songs, this is the second best. The sound and the lyrics are both great, even if it's not a love song. This song deserve to be at least one of the top 5. Hands down.

I found this song recently. After listening that I was crazy of it. This song is very beautiful. And I like all the songs of EXO and specially EXO-M

Why is this song only on no. 19 this is really catchy I loved the song when I first heard it. Definitely a must listen to for new fans.

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20 Love Me Right Love Me Right

This song is actually so amazing, the beat is catchy and it just gets you addicted! How can anyone say no to this song?

El Dorado is my favorite song, but Love Me Right is definitely the best title track by exo

This Song is really catchy.. I liked all the videos for this song

I love this song so much 💜 EXO

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