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41 My Answer

This song is very good! Oh, God... Not good, this is perfect! This song makes me cry.

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42 Heaven V 1 Comment
43 For Life

Everytiem I heard this song, I cried. Even though I don't know the lyrics mean (now I know and I getting sadder because of that), the melody and the voices were too good, you must listen to this.

44 Lightsaber

This is a really upbeat song and is a compilation to the new Star Wars movie, of course, in 2015. This song actually reminds me of the songs they first debuted back in 2012 with Mama and History. Those songs had beat, rhythm, and a unique sync of melodic, electronic sounds mixed in. This is no different and is a refresher for EXO fans.

I Like the song because it is meaningful to us EXO lovers. their voice are too awesome. I love the beat though, so... I'M PROUDLY VOTING THAT THE LIGHTSABER SHOULD BE ON THE TOP LIST.

! THIS SONG MUST BE number 1 IN THE LIST. Their voice are too awesome and I like Lay's cute voice. I like them since wolf era but I suddenly get shocked when three of the member out bcs of their problem and this news makes me so sad but EXO are strong and they still move forward to front and the are popular and still hot till now.

You can see how much chanyeol improved his rap part was really amazing and I keep on replaying it!

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45 Twenty Four V 1 Comment
46 My Turn to Cry

To anyone who loves exo go on YouTube and check the exo m version otherwise you really wouldn't have had the best of exo baek chen and luhan completely made a masterpiece and if you are honestly one of those people who don't like Chinese songs then you aren't a true exo love because this is just purely beautiful

This is way too beautiful... I love this song. They sounds good in this song

It made me cry the first time I heard it God

My favorite exo song, can't believe it's 39 :(

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47 Run This
48 Love, Love, Love

Most experimental song! Very love it! With the great vocal and the great rap.. EARTH AIR WATER FIRE! There you go. I love it!

This song is amazing... is the weirdest song EXO has ever released... I love it channie's voice is precious ♡

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49 What If

Why is this song so underrated? It's definitely one of their most beautiful and emotional songs, particularly the EXO-M version in my opinion, it does so in a way that isn't cringe-worthy and cheesy as all hell.

GORGEOUS vocals! It may be slow R&B, but it's tone is just beautiful. Best song to date in my opinion.

I really love this song. Very mellow and D.O. 's voice really suits this.

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50 Eternity

It's amazing, it's my all time favorite song!

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51 Metal (Tao)
52 Really I Didn't Know V 4 Comments
53 There Is a Place
54 Beat Maker (Sehun)
55 Beautiful (Suho) V 2 Comments
56 Hurt

Way too underrated but it's my favourite song of all time (including all kpop! )

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57 Dope Dope

Love this song! It's so powerful and amazing!

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58 Fantastic Baby

Best of the best!




59 Run

It's the best song, damn should be in at least top 20.

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60 I Like You

I like this song

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