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61 Really I Didn't Know V 4 Comments
62 There Is a Place
63 Beat Maker (Sehun)
64 Hurt

Way too underrated but it's my favourite song of all time (including all kpop! )

One of my favorite exo's songs

65 Dope Dope

Love this song! It's so powerful and amazing!

V 1 Comment
66 Fantastic Baby

Best of the best!




67 Run

It's the best song, damn should be in at least top 20.

V 1 Comment
68 I Like You

I like this song

69 Winter's Tale

Winter's Tale is just so beautiful... I mean, the lyrics are beautiful, the voices are beautiful, and there's this old school chilling mood... Too bad that this song is underrated :/

V 2 Comments
70 Time Boils the Rain
71 I'm Lay (Lay)

I just listened to the song sample and I'm shocked at how this song sounds

V 1 Comment
72 My Turn to Cry (Baekhyun)
73 First Love

The melody are amazing... I love this song so much..

74 Baby

I love this song most. Its really good...

75 Scream V 2 Comments
76 Best Luck (Chen)

Best Luck shows just how amazing Chen's vocals are. I personally love this song because it has such a beautiful melody that just showcases Chen's vocals perfectly.

This song fully shows chen's potential as a singer, no wonder the MV has so many views on YouTube. the reason why he has the best vocal in exo, do not underestimate kim jongdae.

77 Haka
78 Delight (Chanyeol)

I mean Chanyeol's made a song he's the best what not to like

V 1 Comment
79 Up Rising (Chen)
80 Breakin' Machine (Xiumin)
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