Top Ten Exotic Weapons In Destiny

Ever wondered which Exotic Weapon you want to get and some say it's 'amazing' but the next second people say it 'sucks'? Look at this list and see what the real deal is!

The Top Ten


The best of them all!

Literally the best thing to ever happen to D1.
Other than Hawkmoon.

Its not even that good. Voice of Crota is better. I don't understan d why people love it so much

This is the best weapon in the game I have had so much fun with it

Ice Breaker

The Ice Breaker is the best secondary weapon in the game. With the regenerating ammo, the mulligan perk that has ammo comeback if you miss, and the Ice Breaker perk that is how this gun is number 2

Pew pew, and your dead.

This is a duh choice

This weapon is so good for Crota

Bad Juju


A very good weapon to keep you in non-stop action.

SUROS Regime

Not that good anymore :(

The suros regime is an amazing pve weapon, but the recent up date for pvp made this gun worse than the no land beyond (ONLY IN PVP). A weapon that does a considerable amount of damage to atheon and any other enemy makes this gun very wanted by some

The Last Word

Unlike other hand cannons this hand cannon shots, looks, and kills like an old fashion gun.

Fun as hell to play with in crucible

Super low Time to Kill


Obtained by the bounty "light in the Dark". Is an amazing weapon that is amazing for pvp and pve. THe after damage that is left after you shoot an enemy makes it easier to keep there shield down

Zhalo Supercell

This gun is essentially a stormcaller inside a rifle.


This is the best shotgun #f? &@universal remote


Patience and Time

The Third Eye perk with the invisibility perk is a beast in PvP so no one sees you coming.


Its fun to use but still prefer the last word

This play station exclusive exotic is a beast, nicknamed the "Hawkawesome" by Mr. Fruit gaming check out his channel. The 3 bullets that do considerably extra damage make the PlayStation users grind for hours trying to get this exotic

Hands down it is currently the best pvp weapon in destiny.


The Contenders

Vex Mythoclast

The Myth the legend the best Fusion rifle in the game. Yes Vex Mytho is a beast but landed a number 4 on this list. Obtained by completing the VOG on hard. This fusion rifle does solar damage and is equipped as a primary. Its fire rate, unlike the other fusion rifles, is like an auto rifle

Fast and painful.

Fast and

Lord of Wolves
Mida Multi Tool

So easy to get kills in 3v3 best weapon I ever used

Truly the best scout rifle in the game and one of the best crucible weapons as well as being good in PVE

Pocket Infinity

One charge shoots out all three, isn't that OP?

No Land Beyond

No noobs beyond should be the name because if you were good with it you could absolutely demolish in crucible

It might be a really bad weapon but when you land those headshots it just feels so satisfying because you need a lot of skill to do so.


The tracking is so good!

The Proximity explosion to the supper tracking this gun is a beast in pvp and pve. And almost better than gjallahorn if void burn is on.

Hard Light
Black Spindle

Watch out golgoroth

Queenbreakers Bow

It's ok... I guess

Khvostov 7g-0x

I only added this because it isn't here... And doesn't deserve to be here either. - endorsedaphid32

probably my favorite gun ever


The coolest gun


Just good weapon,clears away hordes of nastys and they disappear in purple haze your guardians next to you might be pissed if you hit them with the sticky void grenades that spit out of the gun

Plan C
Fate of all Fools
347 Vesta Dynasty

It's not even a real gun, it's called the Boolean Gemini 😂

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