Top Ten Exotic Weapons In Destiny

Ever wondered which Exotic Weapon you want to get and some say it's 'amazing' but the next second people say it 'sucks'? Look at this list and see what the real deal is!

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21 Thunderlord
22 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a good gun, has good range and does good damage.

23 No Time to Explain
24 Tlaloc

It may only be a Warlock-only weapon, but it's one of the best weapons to use especially when you have a super. This is one of the few exotic weapons that is good in PVE and PVP (Icebreaker, SUROS, Bad Juju are some others). I love how when your super is charged, you can fire round after round with amazing stability, reload, and rate of fire. Truly a very underrated weapon

25 Black Spindle
26 Raze Lighter
27 Khvostov
28 Super Good Advice

Most May not agree with me on this one but hear me out ok. The Super Good Advice is the best Machine gun mainly because of the Super good advice perk you can obtain. The perk says that 90% of missed shots will go back to your magazine. This perk comes in handy in the 2 raids Crota and atheon. The oracles you have to destroy in the raid count as misses for the Super Good Advice which allows you to shot continuously without having to reload, which really helps when atheon opens the portal. In the raid with crota when you get killed by crota if you have a Super Good Advice you can also shoot continuously at it.

29 Red Death

Always in non-stop action because of the regeneration of health when you kill something. I once took 5 people down in people at once! Definitely one of my favorite weapons in PvP that is also very good in PvE.

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30 Dregs Promise
31 Dragon's Breath
32 No Land Beyond

It might be a really bad weapon but when you land those headshots it just feels so satisfying because you need a lot of skill to do so.

33 Universal Remote
34 Necrochasm
35 Boolean Gemini
36 Sleeper Simulant
37 Hereafter
38 Queenbreakers Bow

It's ok... I guess

39 Zalos Supercell
40 Khvostov 7g-0x

I only added this because it isn't here... And doesn't deserve to be here either. - endorsedaphid32

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