Expectations vs. Reality Of Being A TopTenner

Hello everyone! It's lovefrombadlands and today, I'm doing Expectations vs. Reality of being a TopTenner. Some of these are stuff I thought would happen when I joined, but most I just made up. Only people replying to a song review, submitting a post, and not caring about followers actually happened to me in the past. Without further ado, let's begin!

Expectation: I'm going to be the most popular TopTenner ever! I'll get 7 million followers!
Reality: Hey, I got one follower, cool!

Making a list
Expectation: This is the best list ever! It's gonna get featured!
Reality: It's been 3 days and still, no one went on my list.

Getting list ideas
Expectation: I'm gonna make this list. Best Songs Ever will be so popular! Look at all of my votes and followers!
Reality: Your list has been merged. Okay, that's fine, I have other ideas! Your list has been merged. I have more ideas. 4 hours later: Your lists have been merged.

Making a post
Expectation: Making a song review is easy, I can do it!
Reality: It's been 6 hours and I'm halfway through.

Submitting a post
Expectation: This review will be my key to popularity!
Reality: Come on, this took 6 hours and no one went on it.

Not caring about followers
Expectation: I'm gonna comment that I only care about my content and not followers, and then everyone's gonna follow me!
Reality: Okay, I do care about followers! They're all I want! Follow me please! Pretty please with sugar on top, I'll follow you too!

Being funny
Expectation: Yay, someone replied to my funny comment! Comments like this one are why you're my favorite user.
Reality: Let's check out my reply! What is wrong with you? I guess people don't get humor.

Someone replying to your song review
Expectation: Right on! What an amazing comment!
Reality: What?! Your opinion is so wrong! Do you see what's wrong with this?

Making a follower special
Expectation: Wow, after 20 followers, everyone saw how amazing I am and followed me!
Reality: Wow, not even my followers went on here.

Seeing the Best Users list
Expectation: I'm 1st place!
Reality: I'm not on the list. Time to add myself... and remix myself at 1.

Bye everyone!


The only thing on here I disagree with is not caring about followers. I actually don’t care about followers. Wow, I’m so believable - visitor

Reminds me of when I first was a TopTenner, almost 2 years ago... great post. - visitor

Wow, That's so true - SpectralOwl

This is Really good! - visitor

lmao - TheFourthWorld

This is really accurate, but am I the only one who writes down my posts on paper first? - styLIShT

Exactly - 2storm

This is very true, I found it to be funny. I can also relate to it since I came to this website not so long ago. So I did enjoy it, keep it up! - visitor

Lmao to be honest - visitor

yes - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Well, most of them really matches me, LOL! - Sugarcubecorner

Lol, so true. - mattstat716