Expected Top 10 NBA Teams of 2010

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The Top Ten Expected NBA Teams of 2010

1 Lakers

Lakers is the best!
They play like a team
Team that can conquer all opponents

The greatest team officially and statistically. Thus far only Celtics have troubled them in major games, but the lakers have still proven the better.

if they have kobe then its over there just gonna be the best

With Shannon Brown, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, PAu Gasol, and Sasha Vujachic they will get a record of 71-1 1 - james3690

2 Celtics

Celtics are expected. Just last year, they just played there worst and lost to the Lakers but this year is different. Lakers is going to suck and we have the Big 3 and Rondo ready for the game... I mean totally ready.

celtics defense are really good now I don't think any team can beat them now

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rajan Rondo, and Rasheed Wallace - james3690

They can shoot some threes do

3 Cavs

best record last year, now they got shaq and get another minimum 60 win season

4 Heat


We got WADE

we got LEBRON

we got BOSH

what do you expect more than the heat. ,?


Heat is my favorite team and I'm a huge fan we are the best. We're going back to the finals and were going to win it

Miami Heat players are the best of all players. Their coach is very nice!

LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Chris Bosh
Mike Bibby

5 Spurs

tony tim manu an jeferson they got the champ - jefet21

Their coach will lead them to success - james3690


6 Raptors
7 Mavericks

Dallas has some of the best athletes in the US, and NBA is one of our best sports. Mavs are going all the way!

Jason Kidd, Nowitski, Jason Terry, Shawn Marrion - james3690

They're the best of the best

8 Rockets
9 Hawks

we went from one of the worst teams in the nba to taking the cetics to 7 games and beating them in boston this season
- hendrix1

10 Thunder

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook the Thunder will be unstoppable!

The Contenders

11 Timberwolves

kevin LOVE wesley johnson miacheal beaslely and jhon flynn who can beat that!

12 Clippers

Blake Griffin is the future of the NBA! - APizzle90

13 Suns

They have Nash with his passing skils and Stoudemire with his dunking skills! -

14 Kings
15 Bulls
16 Knicks
17 Pistons
18 Magic

Any team with Dwight Howard is a dominant team.

19 Nets