Top 10 Experiences You Should Try

The Top Ten

1 Purchase a Guitar
2 Travel to Another Country
3 Purchase a Cat
4 Get Into a Physical Fight

Not in a bad way like bullying
But fight someone who deserve to get bunched like bullies - shatti

5 Burnout and Drift in a Car

I've actually been in a competition drift car and been to 3 stadium concerts (Linkin Park, Metallica and Nickelback) and they were some of the best moments of my life. I agree with Britgirl about the camping. I've only enjoyed "camping" once in my life and that's because it was in my friends back yard so it wasn't really a camp we just called it one - Danielsun182

6 Go Camping

Give me 49 billion valid reasons why I should experience camping and I MAY think about it. - Britgirl

7 Shoot a Gun
8 Go to a Concert
9 Go to a Football Game

Football games are so loud and fun - Ajkloth

10 Take a Karate Class

The Contenders

11 Play Tennis
12 Create a Facebook Page
13 Get Married
14 Eat Extra Food

I have to stop giving myself extra or I will go too far. - PositronWildhawk

15 Smoke a Cigarette

No! This kills you! - AnonymousChick

16 Play a Video Game
17 Watch the World Cup
18 Put on a Big Presentation
19 Rent a Dream Car
20 Sleep Naked
21 Be Active
22 Go to a Gym
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