Top 10 Explanations for UFOs


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1 Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning is a sphere of static electricity that has the ability to glow intensely for several minutes - Irina2932

2 Aircraft

One aircraft by the military has been mistaken many a times to be a UFO because of the strange shape. Really, it's just for stealth. The b2 stealth plane (search it on Google Images) looks like a UFO from the bottom.

3 Satellites
4 Lenticular Clouds

Just look at these clouds - its shape looks like UFO - Irina2932

5 Reflections
6 Flares
7 Weather Balloons

No joke. Some people were confused and called it UFO - Irina2932

8 Aliens

On Saturday evening I watch comedy Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule with funny things so aliens won't invade.

Sometimes aliens came to visit us. Watching you!

It's there watching when you think of it

I saw a UFO and there is NO natural explinatio - Badgerflame

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9 The Planet Venus

Venus makes an especially bright appearance in the night sky, so this explanation is not as far-fetched as it seems. - Irina2932

Being an ameture (sp? ) astronomer, I have experienced this firsthand. Many people mistake Venus for an alien spacecraft, because it's the brightest "star" in the sky. - RockFashionista

10 Anti-Gravity Device

Tomas Townsend Brown developed disc-like devices that use electrogravitic propulsion. These devices had the ability to float in midair and the effects were so impressive they were classified. - m16lion9460

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11 Meteors, Comets and Fireballs
12 Birds
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