Most Explicit Eminem Albums

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1 The Marshall Mathers LP

All you've got to listen to is the under the influence chorus. Trust me, it's BAD!

This is obviously the most explicit Eminem album

The explicit version of I'm Back is censored, enough said

Really!? I thought relapse would be number 1!

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2 Relapse: Refill
3 The Slim Shady LP

As the world turns is just hilarious

Most explicit album ever

This album is very explicit, if you don't believe me, listen 2 guilty conscience, '97 bonnie & Clyde, and b***h please, then you will believe me
P.S. My name is is the best

4 Recovery
5 Relapse

If you don't bel me hear the song Insane

Let's see, Rape, Incest, obviously his most explicit!

6 Encore

Hat? It has Mockingbird the cleanest song

7 Hell: The Sequel
8 The Eminem Show

To the two comments above, thank you for bringing humor! You all have me laughing!

Drips is a song that I taught the kids in preschool.

It has drips. The cleanest song ever.

9 Eminem Presents: The Re-Up
10 Curtain Call: The Hits

What? It has FACK.. The cleanest song EVER

Fack is especially made for kids

It has FACK... enough said

FACK was never made for kids

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11 The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Marshall Mathers LP 2 is the sweetest album Eminem ever did. The best one.

Why isn't this isn't the tip 3
Bad Guy
Rap God
Brain Damage
and more
Dudes this song is incredibly profane

12 Kamikaze

Pretty explicit

13 Shady XV
14 Revival
15 Infinite
16 Straight from the Vault

It was leaked in 2011

17 The Slim Shady Ep
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