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1 Insane - Relapse

Guys this track probably has over 50 swear words in total

I love this song! Who else has the balls to rap like this?

Is very explicit it has 90-80!

More explicit than kill you
Violent and sexual

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2 Kim - The Marshall Mathers LP

It really scared me the first I listened to it, it details Eminem driving into the forest and killing his wife. Much more explicit than the others just because of that.

How is this not no. 1? On the clean version of The MMLP The Kids replaced this song, remember? - Rorywilbren

Cleaner than kill you - Eminemfan1717

3 Kill You - Marshall Mathers LP

Why isn't this #1 this is a little more explicit than insane - Eminemfan1717

More explicit than insane - Eminemfan1717

Boy just listen to it - B0S5J4M3S

Lol - Eminemfan1717

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4 Cold Wind Blows - Recovery

This is, statistically speaking, the Eminem song with the most overall swear words. Plus, it had some moderate-heavy sexual references, so it should be #1 or #2

This is VERY explicit it has 60-70 swear words

Cleaner than kill you - Eminemfan1717


5 Just Don't Give A F**K - Slim Shady LP

The one on the slim shady ep is WAYYY more explicit thanthe one on the slim shady lp - Eminemfan1717

6 Fack - Curtain Call: The Hits

This song is most graphic songs I've ever heard

FACK is disgusting as hell

This is so explicit dude

Cleaner than kill you - Eminemfan1717

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7 Criminal - Marshall Mathers LP
8 Still Don't Give a F**K - Slim Shady LP
9 No Love - Recovery

No Love is an inspirational song.

10 The Way I Am - Marshall Mathers LP

You sure? Only three f-bombs the whole time... - MojoSpaederman

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? As the World Turns - The Slim Shady LP
? Just the Two of Us - The Slim Shady LP

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11 Cleanin' Out My Closet - The Eminem Show
12 Elevator - Relapse Refill
13 My Name Is - The Slim Shady LP
14 Drips - The Eminem Show

The title is a dead giveaway! Of course this is explicit as hell!

Should be in the top 10 - Hotheart123

It was so expilct it wasnt even on the edited version!

15 Evil Twin - Marshall Mathers LP 2
16 Berzerk - Marshall Mathers LP 2
17 Stan - The Marshall Mathers LP
18 Purple Pills - Devil's Night
19 Marshall Mathers - The Marshall Mathers LP
20 My Darling - Relapse: Refill
21 C** On Everybody - The Slim Shady LP
22 Mockingbird - Encore

Why is mockingbird #18 on this list if it's #1 on the cleanest Eminem songs
Are you idiots saying that there is only 18 songs by Eminem?!?!

There are no cuss words in this song this should not Evan be on this list - Eminemfan1717

0 f words and positive topic ytf is this on this list if you don't believe me search on YouTube eminem mockingbird - Eminemfan1717

3 explicit 5 m3

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23 Sing for the Moment - The Eminem Show
24 Rap God - The Marshall Mathers LP2
25 Brain Damage - Slim Shady LP

This. Is so explicit it's on the sslp

26 Business - The Eminem Show

An instant smash from The Eminem Show, “Business” features some of his wackiest lyrics, along with rhymes from Dr. Dre.

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1. Insane - Relapse
2. Cold Wind Blows - Recovery
3. Just Don't Give A F**K - Slim Shady LP
1. Kim - The Marshall Mathers LP
2. Insane - Relapse
3. Kill You - Marshall Mathers LP
1. Kim - The Marshall Mathers LP
2. Kill You - Marshall Mathers LP
3. Insane - Relapse

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