Most Explicit Metallica Songs

The Top Ten

So What (Garage, Inc.) So What (Garage, Inc.) Cover Art

Just so you know this is not Metallica’s lyric style it was originally by the anti nowhere league

Ain't My B*tch (Load) Ain't My B*tch (Load) Cover Art
Last Caress / Green Hell (Garage, Inc.) Last Caress / Green Hell (Garage, Inc.) Cover Art

Not there music style originally by the misfits

St. Anger (St. Anger) St. Anger (St. Anger) Cover Art
Hardwired (Hardwired... To Self-Destruct) Hardwired (Hardwired... To Self-Destruct) Cover Art
My World *Metallica) My World *Metallica) Cover Art

Drops the f bomb quite a few times

Dragon (Lulu) Dragon (Lulu) Cover Art

Ok seriously how is this not even in the top 5 other than so what and pumping blood this is the worst

Pumping Blood (Lulu) Pumping Blood (Lulu) Cover Art

Ok other than so what this is number one

Little Dog (Lulu) Little Dog (Lulu) Cover Art

Wow this is messed up

Frustration (Lulu) Frustration (Lulu) Cover Art

Really dirty they keep repeating the phrase dry and s****less like a girl

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