Top Ten ExplodingTNT Characters

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1 Pink Sheep

Honestly, I find nothing likeable about this character. He is an annoying MLG-obsessed jerk who likes to cause anger and misery to the other characters by trolling and annoying them to no end and is not funny in the slightest, mostly because he constantly references MLG-related memes nonstop, and those memes stopped being funny a LONG time ago.

Pink Sheep my homie! The greatest Youtuber of all time! The champion of roasting haters! I just knew he would be #1! #PGN #1 forever!

"I am the evil demon meow..."- pink sheep

His channel is funny. He could probably beat jeb

2 ExplodingTNT

He is better than Pink sheep! You can see how I know By looking at top 10 pink sheep characters!

ExplodingTNT vs Pink Sheep is a tie ExplodingTNT has a ton of TNT and Pink Sheep is just SO BOSS!

He's a mouse. If you look very closely at the banner on top of his YouTube channel, or his Minecrafter's face in one of his videos, he lloks a little bit like a mouse. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 Notch

Notch is just weird...

4 Failboat

He is called fail opt by me purple ugliness

Purple Shep annoys him easily

5 Herobrine

Funny guy.

6 Jeb

He always wants to add toilets. He should just make a mod for them, and it should not be in Vanilla Minecraft. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 PurpleShep

He is ugly and has a toaster fetish but he is really funny.

This is the best one

Sheppyti shep shep - purple shep 2016

Purple Shep is the best! #Toasterheadnation

8 Hobo

Guy in "If a diamond Dimension Was Added" - blst0033

9 Baconcrafter
10 Villager
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11 Pink Guy

The one whose always asking for more weird comments videos along with Pink Sheep. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Best character ever! Better than pink sheep

Funniest character!

12 Bill Gates
13 Alex
14 Seth
15 Herobrine's Mom

Always putting down Herobrine…Maybe that's why be didn't grow up to be a strong person. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

16 UglyDiaper22

That Guy was hideous

Smartest noob ever

17 Bully


18 EnderDragon
19 Wither

Ahh so scary -_-

20 Pinksplodingtnt

Is this a Prankster Gangster and a Mouse Combined?


21 Ender Dragon's Mom

The Ender-silver fish

22 TNT Sheep


23 Headphones Guy
24 Chicken
25 Hater

Would probably be the best one.

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