Great company! The customer service rep was very helpful and respectful (I think his name was Steven). He explained how the coverage works and what to expect, he mentioned what wear and tear items might not be covered, which makes sense. I haven't filed a claim yet but I hope that everything will go just the way I was told. So far, I'm very satisfied with them.
I bought the highest protection plan they offered, it covers almost everything. would recommend everyone to do the same if you don't mind paying extra $ (i think it was just $400 more than their regular coverage). - jmoran

I have been a so called "customer" of this company for 9 months and never needed to file a claim or anything like that. My water pump went out on my 2012 BMW and all of a sudden they are sending an investigator to the shop. These people have the nerve to tell me that they will not pay out my claim because I have non factory rims on my car. For a water pump? PLEASEE! Initially the girl who answered the phone told me that all I would need to do is pay a surcharge and it would be fine. So I was transferred to 3 or 4 different people and finally one told me I had to pay a $500 surcharge. When I tried to give him my credit card number it turned in to a whole new story about how they had to talk to a supervisor in claims and all of this other bs. Supposedly they are refunding me my money from the policy but this comes from the same liars who told me that an e-mail was sent to me immediately. 2 days later and still waiting. These are the worst warranty people ever. Do not get scammed by them!

Great extended warranty service - reasonably priced, friendly customer service, and fast. I have had one claim with them so far and they provided good coverage that was to my satisfaction. Dealing with them has been very pleasant, and I will continue to use their warranty services for sure.

I searched a lot of companies for an extended auto warranty until my mechanic recommended Endurance Vehicle Protection. I had a good feeling about the company and I was right. I am on my second claim for my Honda and it is just as easy as the first one. They have lived up to the great reviews I had read!

We have used Endurance Warranty on 2 vehicles over the past 3 years. We never had to file a claim until last month. We expected the worst but got great service... The entire process was painless. All we paid was our deductible of 100$ and 1 day of rental. They covered 4 days... Which was 1 day more than my contract said they would. We have had nothing but good experience with endurance. In fact, our 1st warranty was on our Ford, and when we got rid of the car, we got a refund check from endurance warranty and we did not even expect it.

Cars are like any other type of product, they were only built to last a certain amount of years. While they can extend that life proper care and maintenance, but it will only get you so far. To keep your car on the road as long as possible and to keep it running soundly, extended vehicle protection is needed. At the end of the day, an extended auto warranty is something that every driver should at least consider. You can get it even if your vehicle has been out of warranty for years!

I bought warranty from Endurance to cover my 2006 BMW M3, right after its manufacturer warranty expired. At 112K my transmission failed I made my claim with Endurance. things went smoothly, worked hard to find a replacement transmission for my car.

They kept me updated regularly, and the entire transmission was replaced by Endurance. This one repair alone would have cost me at least twice the total premium I paid, maybe more. Very happy with the customer service and the outcome.

I have been with this extended auto warranty company for more than two years now and never had a problem. I didn't have claims because my car is only four years old and hasn't broken down yet (toyota camry). I hope I will never have to use the policy. there are many companies out there and it is hard to find a good one but I read the reviews and ratings and found that this company is one of the best. This was two years ago and I don't know what companies are considered reliable these days but will say that I'm happy so far! I hope my review helps you find the best extended warranty for your car. - steav

So my dealer told me to call them to get my vehicle covered. I called, Warranty Headquarters, showed me a variety of options online for my vehicle. Some plans covered more than others, some less. Some cost more than others, some less. Bottom line you made this very transparent for me and I appreciate that. Customer Service representatives are very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They made sure I got a great policy and it's such a relief to know I'm protected if something goes wrong with my car.

They are the best out there! It was very easy to file a claim and customer service reps were super helpful.

I'm a very happy customer. Eddie helped me with my claim today and I saved so much money, I'm so excited I can't believe that everything was covered, maybe I'm just lucky. well, I still had to pay my deductible, but it's nothing compared to the cost of repairs for my bmw. AWESOME

I bought my policy just a few months ago and already had one small repair covered. I'm very happy with this decision and recommended Endurance to my friends. I don't remember who I spoke with at the company but the guy was very nice and helpful.

I bought my policy from Endurance Warranty two years ago and used it only once, but it was worth it. The cost of my repairs was more than $2K but they took care of it, I only paid my deductible $100. I never thought that it can be that easy! Thanks Nicole and Eddie for all your help with this claim. I will recommend your extended auto warranty company to my friends and family!

I just purchased their coverage last week for my Camry 2012, they were very helpful and told me everything I need to know. I personally think that it is a good idea to buy extended coverage because you never know when your car will break down. I see a lot more people buying this warranty and talking about it. I'm happy with them so far and would recommend it to friends. I also called warrantydirect to check the price and their policy was more expensive

Endurance is the best! Great customer service, good rates and coverage. easy to make payments online.

I have had my Honda accord covered by Warranty Direct for 3 years since the Honda warranty expired. I purchased the best coverage plan available. I never got to use the coverage but was told that almost everything is covered. My plan has $100 deductible and I'm happy with it.
All in all great service. No complaints

Best rated and reviewed extended auto warranty company. I had a policy with them for 4 years and just got my second knew today.

I have four policies with this company, would recommend it to everyone who is looking to save on car repairs. Thank you Endurance!

Happy to be their customer. always the best service!

Great auto warranty company! Very happy with the service

Great company, thanks for the protection policy.

Last week I was stranded on the side of the highway with a flat. In a panic I called my husband who was out of town and he reminded me of the birthday gift he recently gave me (that I had made fun of at the time). He had given me coverage with Endurance, apparently it came with roadside assistance. So I called them and got the tire fixed. Thank you for your outstanding service!

Amber D
Niagara Falls, NY

Have been with Endurance for two years now and had one claim filed. They saved me about $3k already, it is less than what I'm paying for it. Very nice guys, would recommend to everyone.

Love Edurance's customer service. Thank you so much for helping me with my claim!

Competitive plans. Reliable service.
That's all I need and I'm happy