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41 Heavy Power Metal

I've heard of symphonic power. But what is this? - zxm

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42 Drone Doom
43 Gothic Metal

How this isn't top ten? - GREYBOYY

44 Rap Metal

This extreme? LOL. Extreme rapping... - Metal_Treasure

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45 Glam Metal

This list says motley crue is more brutal than carcass

Glam Metal Rocks! The best bands are from the 80's!

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46 Speed Power Metal

First, there's no such subgenre. Second, neither speed nor power metal are extreme. - Metal_Treasure

The first Helloween album 'Walls Of Jericho' is exactly this.

47 Thrashcore

Thrashcore is punk, not metal

48 Technical Deathcore

Some may not believe in it's existance, but in my opinion some bands, even if few, deserve to be called technical deathcore.
It is often a fusion between technical death metal and deathcore (only core related things: breakdowns/tuning).
BIG vocal range
Best riffs
(try Thy Art is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, Aversions Crown, Fallujah, Signal The Firing Squad, Humanity's Last Breath)

49 Progressive Metal

Listen to 80's WATCHTOWER & MEKONG DELTA, and understand
Technicality & brutality happened before Suffocation and the Death's 'Human' album.

50 Sludgecore
51 Cyber Metal
52 Drone Metal
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