Top 10 Extreme Metal Songs of the 1980s

Extreme Metal emerged in the 1980s and quickly got the attention of the metal community.

The Top Ten

1 Maze of Torment - Morbid Angel UListen to Sample
2 Seven Churches - Possessed UListen to Sample
3 Nosferatu - Hellwitch

Please, pay attention to this song that was first released as a demo in 1984. It came out before the Possessed album and this makes it the FIRST death metal song.
I discovered this song by chance during a serious research I did to make my list "Most Important Early Releases of Technical and Progressive Thrash Metal" (by the way, this list didn't show on the page of new lists so nobody saw it; this happens often to my best lists - nobody sees them).
I guess the discovery of Nosferatu by Hellwitch is my biggest contribution to history of metal music (so far). I never seen anybody mentioning this song and this band in the context of death metal (unless it's mentioned in very obscure articles about death metal). - Metal_Treasure

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4 Zombie Ritual - Death UListen to Sample
5 Circle of the Tyrants - Celtic Frost UListen to Sample
6 A Fine Day to Die - Bathory UListen to Sample
7 Witching Hour - Venom

Venom are arguably the first band that used completely non-melodic vocals and pioneered extreme metal subgenres. - Metal_Treasure

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8 Pure F**king Armageddon - Mayhem UListen to Sample
9 Leprosy - Death UListen to Sample
10 Call from the Grave - Bathory UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 The Exorcist - Possessed UListen to Sample
12 Blood Fire Death - Bathory UListen to Sample
13 In League with Satan - Venom

Pay attention that Slayer's Tom Araya vocals sound close to this - Metal_Treasure

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14 Welcome to Hell - Venom UListen to Sample
15 Pull the Plug - Death UListen to Sample
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