Most Extreme Things Musicians Have Done on Stage

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1 GG Allin cut himself and ate his own feces

His birth name was Jesus Christ Allin. I'm not kidding.
He is probably the craziest musician ever. He used laxatives before gigs so he could have enough fecal matter all over the stage. He also covered himself in his own feces, attacked people in the crowd and did some other extreme things

The hell? That's disturbing but you've gotta commend him for his bravery.

Wow. I can't believe he has the guts to do this. What a crazy man.

How did he not get taken to a mental hospital?

2 Keith Moon put pyro in his bass drum to cause explosions

But before a show he added too much pyro which caused a larger explosion than intended, and left band members with permanent hearing damage and shrapnel wounds.
Obviously this is too extreme (Keith Moon was The Who drummer)

That's actually cool.

That's kind of cool.

3 Ozzy Osbourne bit off a bat's head

In 1982, someone threw a bat on stage, Ozzy picked it up and bit its head off. Ozzy said he thought it was a fake one.

Ozzy's done all the drugs and seven others humans don't know about yet.

That poor bat.

He was hungry...

4 Iggy Pop rolled around on shards of glass and regularly puked on stage

Well that's unhealthy.

5 Iggy Pop tried to entice someone in the audience to stab him but failed and sliced an X into his chest with a knife

In the image he holds a knife in his left hand - he just made one cut and is ready to make the next one.
Before that he shouted racist insults, trying to provoke a black person in the audience to stab him.

Why? Why are these people doing this? Good list though.

6 Greg Puciato defecated into a bag and threw it into the crowd

Now, no one wants that.

7 Lord Worm ingested worms

This explains Dan Greening's nickname but if you think he's a complete savage you are wrong - he's the only one in metal who wrote song lyrics that start with "Pardon, please". The song is "Slit Your Guts" by Cryptopsy, one of the most brutal death metal songs of all time. Lyrics just show Lord Worm is Canadian after all ;-)

8 Jim Morrison got arrested for waving his penis

It's appropriate, I consider Jim to be the sexiest guy ever.

9 Marilyn Manson urinated on the crowd

He's crazy, but I love him. I mean, doesn't musical talent come before crazy stage gimmicks anyway?

For me he has always been Alice Cooper Jr.
A pale copy of Alice Cooper though.

But at least it was Marilyn Manson's. It means good luck.

Oh no, I wasn't prepared for this horrible rain shower.

10 GG Allin encouraged audience members willing to perform oral sex on him onstage

Strange thing is, there were volunteers and oral sex on him onstage actually happened

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11 Red Hot Chili Peppers played entire shows wearing nothing but socks

I don't like the band but wow, that takes a lot of guts and confidence to do.

Flea even got arrested for obscenity.

12 Alice Cooper walked around with a live boa constrictor around his shoulders

That's extreme but unlike some other extreme guys on this list, what he did had potential risks and took guts. That's why I have respect for Alice Cooper and not so much for some other musicians.

13 Iggy Pop took out his penis and put it on a speaker

That's disgusting, but I bet it was a better singer than Iggy Pop!

14 Gerard Way jerks off on stage

Not to mention, he gropes himself, moans in front of everyone, and kisses his fellow band members.

15 Alice Cooper impaled baby dolls on shiny swords

I guess the things he did were part of the shock rock theatrics. He also had a working guillotine on stage and a live boa constrictor around his shoulders.

16 Evil Jared Hasselhoff urinated onto Jimmy Pop
17 Liam Gallagher hit his own brother in the head with his tambourine

Ah...the lovely bros

18 Miley Cyrus pretended to have sex with a blow up doll

Well, there you go my folks. That's what happens when you are unattractive

I really don't see anything wrong with this.

Its miley what do you expect?

19 Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire

A repugnant thing to do to a musical instrument!

20 Nicki Minaj pooped her pants on stage

I can't stop laughing!

21 Neil Young used to hide cocaine in his nostrils during live shows

Once he performed with a good-size rock of cocaine in his nostril. "There was a rock of cocaine falling out of his nostril", Jonathan Taplin remembered.
The live show was recorded to become a film but Neil Young's manager was horrified when he saw the cocaine booger and the singer's face. Jonathan Taplin, the film's executive producer, called a special effects company to fix it and told them: "This guy has got a booger in his nose, can you fix it? " After a few days the company responded, saying, "We've invented a travelling booger matte."

So he got high during live shows?

22 Lady Gaga got a person to puke green milk on her
23 Kollegah kicked a fan in the stomach who wanted to steal his sunglasses

Kollegah invited fans to come to the stage for a rap battle. However, this guy had in mind to rip Kollegah's sunglasses off during his performance. He better wouldn't have done this. Kollegah pushed him back, then kicked him and then punched him. Then Kollegah's bodyguards came, punched him so hard that he fell down and almost off the stage, before they dragged him away. Then Kollegah continued the performance as if nothing happened. Kollegah was later fined 18000 euros. He's a great rapper, but that was unnecessary. It would have been enough to ask him to leave.

24 Marilyn Manson cut himself on stage and always beat up some band members

All the more reason to favour solo careers.

Honestly everyone here betrayed me.

That's why I'm not in his band!

It's the struggles of only being able to play drums and ending up like this is unlucky

25 Ritchie Blackmore regularly smashed his guitars

Ritchie Blackmore explained (that he actually had no explanation for doing it):
"Sometimes I feel like I own the stage completely on my own for an hour. I'm just going crazy. The adrenaline is so much that all my musical upbringing is thrown into intensity on stage rather than being a musician.
After 22 years of playing, it goes instead into a mood and comes out as an aggressive bulldozer. I don't know why; I often wonder why. I'm not an aggressive person offstage; I don't know why I am on."

You can call it a waste of money, but this is what the adrenaline does with you.

That's what I call a waste of money.

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