Top 10 Extremely Underrated Drum & Bass Songs

Drum & Bass is such a good genre. Everyone says that, but it is. One of my personal favorite genres, and a hand picked, curated list for all to see. Enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Realms - Hinkik & A Himitsu

The first Drum & Bass song that I ever actually liked. The beat patterns in Realms were so different from normal DnB that this one had to hit #1 spot. - syntaxEDM

2 End Credits - Chase & Status

Chase & Status is so far the only drum & bass act to have ever been nominated for a Grammy. End Credits is such an emotional song that I cry every time I listen to it. - syntaxEDM

3 No Problem - Chase & Status

No Problem's music video with Takura was honestly kind of scarring. I watched it, and the tribal feel of the song mixed with the weird face paint in a black room was kind of scary. Good song though. - syntaxEDM

4 Break Away - Muzzy

Muzzy is a DnB master. With uncredited vocals from Skyelle, the pair of Muzzy & PriorityOne make a true DnB experience. - syntaxEDM

5 Drift Away - WRLD

Such an emotional melody. Even if it was made for a game about cars & soccer balls. - syntaxEDM

6 By Design - WRLD

By Design has weird vocals. But it all merges in with the Techstep breaks. - syntaxEDM

7 Combine - Bustre

RIP Bustre's career. This was his last song before he quit and stopped making music. It was such a good song as well. Liquid Techstep was a combination I'd never heard of, and to see him quit right then and there was kind of saddening. - syntaxEDM

8 Decoy World VIP - Intercom

Decoy World VIP's Techstep/Drumstep beat pattern, mixed with an emotional melody and vocals/lyrics, make for one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. - syntaxEDM

9 Endgame - Muzzy

Long DnB song about the end of the world, and there only being one hope for mankind. Skyelle even helped by composing the orchestrals in the song. - syntaxEDM

10 Got To Be - Topi

Topi's fourth release on Monstercat, and it happens to be DnB. An amazing combo, in my opinion, because Topi's unique style is essentially made for any genre, especially DnB. - syntaxEDM

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