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1 Brown

I love deep brown eyes - there's so much warmth to them. - Britgirl

I already have a brown eyes - RoseCandyMusic

So pretty and attractive!

Why is the picture red?

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2 Blue

If it's dark blue, sure. If it's the blue eye color most people have, I'm good with my green eyes.

I want blue eyes. It's so unfair. Black people get no eye color other than brown! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Dark Blue? Yes I want that eye color
Light Blue? No I thank that It wouldn't look good on me - RoseCandyMusic

3 Purple

I think they would be great if I had them. Deep purple eyes.

Crazy idea, but I think they would suit me - PositronWildhawk

I love purple - RoseCandyMusic

I'd love them ♥

4 Green

I want green eyes. I think they'd fit me nicely. Practically every day I change My Talking Angela's eyes to green, that's how bad I want them. Hopefully I get some contacts like that! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

BlueTopazIceVanilla there can be a brown or blacked skinned person with different color eyes other than brown. There is a girl in my grade that has brown skin, black hair, and light blue eyes.

I love Green Eyes! I have like green ones:)Everybody I know loves them!

I have green eyes. A ugly green. I don't like it. - Lucretia

5 Sky Blue

Everyone loves my blue eyes and apparently I have longer and thicker eyelashes than average. I hate it because I HATE people staring into my eyes for no good reason. Oh well.

Yay I moved this up:) I have blue eyes and I'm not gonna lie... Everybody tells me they're gorgeous. They r sky blue so ummm ya... Hopefully this goes to #1 - baconyum

6 Black

Black eyes are so haunting and mysterious. Absolutely stunning.

I'd want black eyes like Kirito from Sword Art Online! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Or very dark brown - Lucretia

I have 'em!

7 Red

Would suit me probably but with blonde hair... - Lucretia

8 Turquoise
9 Pink
10 Yellow

The Contenders

11 Orange
12 Gold

If they sparkle that would be cool. Golden brown would be boring but shimmering gold is another story - Lucretia

I want gold eyes. They are so pretty. Brown are boring, y r they on top.

13 White

I don't want irises. I just want all white eyes... would look creepy. - Lucretia

14 Maroon
15 Blue-Green

Already the color I have, I would say it looks sort of like dirty looking lake water - Lucretia

16 Hazel
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