Best F is for Family Episodes

This, along with Big Mouth, are 2 Netflix originals that I don't think get enough credit, I barely here anyone ever talking about them. I believe that this show in particular needs to be highlighted.

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Pray Away

This was the heaviest episode of the show by a landslide. Everything goes wrong for everyone and you just want to curl up into a ball. The relationship between Sue and Frank is completely ruined and everyone else is going through a lot of crap. Vic's breakdown was also extremely intense.

O Holy Moly Night

The final episode of season 1 ends on an extremely sad note, with Frank being fired. That said, I did appreciate he fact that his union friends were still his friends. I also found the scene with Pogo and the car to be priceless.

Landing the Plane

After the emotional turmoil of the entire second season, ending it on such a happy note. The death of Scoop was greatly appreciated and his final moments were great.

This is Not Good

This was the start of the horrible events that followed the season. I believe that the ending alone is enough to put this episode extremely high up. It was the most chilling moment in the show to see everyone restlessly sleeping except Bill.

The Liar's Club

This was the episode that told me how different this season would be from the first. The characters become a whole other level of flawed from this point onwards, and it broke my heart when Frank lied and betrayed Kevin.

A Girl Named Sue

I love this episode solely for the exchange between Frank and Pogo. It was a realistic moment, as Frank got what he deserved after he insulted Pogo when he was about to gelp him find a new job.

Bill Murphy's Day Off

Something I found interesting about the first season of the show is how despite the fact that Frank was involved in so much, the show still made one of his primary concerns his friendship with the people in the union. I also found everything about Bill to be great in this one.

F is for Fixing it

This episode feels special because the problems don't just go away as you would expect, in fact, they all get worse. I found this to be great as I hate it when all the problems people have are fixed within te space of a single episode for no particular reason.

Saturday Bloody Saturday

This early episode is good because as well as introducing us to many great characters, it shows that Kevin is more than just a stereotypical teenage jerk and is genuinely caring and empathetic when he wants to be.

Night Shift

I like this episode because Smokey is introduced. It is also one of the episodes that reminds you that this is set in the 70s, as there is a lot of racism in this episode. This is shown in the form of everyone being scared of black people.

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The Trough
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