Top 10 Fable Quests


The Top Ten

1 Battle Jack of Blades Battle Jack of Blades

Best villain in the series. Battle the game hyped us for. - samherman97

2 Return to Hookcoast Return to Hookcoast

First encounter with Screamers, Maze betrays us, and Jack gets the key to the Sword of Aeons. - samherman97

3 A Perfect World (Fable 2) A Perfect World (Fable 2)

Yeah, this one was really cool. Very surreal.

Flash back to Sparrows and Roses cottage on the farm before they where homeless on the streets of Bowerstone Old Town. And what happened to their parents. - samherman97

4 The Graveyard Path The Graveyard Path

Nothing better than creepy undead. - samherman97

5 The Spire (Fable 2) The Spire (Fable 2)
6 The Game (Fable 3) The Game (Fable 3)
7 The Arena The Arena

Seeing Jack of Blades for the first time. Being able to kill whisper. Access to Bowerstone North. - samherman97

8 Rescue the Archaeologist Rescue the Archaeologist

This one is difficult! But fun!

Exploring areas after being granted access to Bowerstone North. Finding out about a secret path to Bargate Prison. - samherman97

9 The Snowglobe (Fable 2) The Snowglobe (Fable 2)

What Oakvale would have looked like if it wasn't destroyed a second and final time. - samherman97

It turns out I have the game of the year edition and I didn't know it until yesterday, months after I bought the game. - Skullkid755

10 Prison Escape Prison Escape

The Contenders

11 Bloodstone Assault (Fable 2) Bloodstone Assault (Fable 2)
12 The White Balverine

My favorite.

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