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1 Battle Jack of Blades Battle Jack of Blades

Best villain in the series. Battle the game hyped us for. - samherman97

2 Return to Hookcoast Return to Hookcoast

First encounter with Screamers, Maze betrays us, and Jack gets the key to the Sword of Aeons. - samherman97

3 A Perfect World (Fable 2) A Perfect World (Fable 2)

Yeah, this one was really cool. Very surreal. - eventer51314

Flash back to Sparrows and Roses cottage on the farm before they where homeless on the streets of Bowerstone Old Town. And what happened to their parents. - samherman97

4 The Graveyard Path The Graveyard Path

Nothing better than creepy undead. - samherman97

5 The Spire (Fable 2) The Spire (Fable 2)
6 The Game (Fable 3) The Game (Fable 3)
7 The Arena The Arena

Seeing Jack of Blades for the first time. Being able to kill whisper. Access to Bowerstone North. - samherman97

8 Rescue the Archaeologist Rescue the Archaeologist

Exploring areas after being granted access to Bowerstone North. Finding out about a secret path to Bargate Prison. - samherman97

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9 The Snowglobe (Fable 2) The Snowglobe (Fable 2)

What Oakvale would have looked like if it wasn't destroyed a second and final time. - samherman97

It turns out I have the game of the year edition and I didn't know it until yesterday, months after I bought the game. - Skullkid755

10 Prison Escape Prison Escape

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11 Bloodstone Assault (Fable 2) Bloodstone Assault (Fable 2)
12 The White Balverine V 1 Comment
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1. Battle Jack of Blades
2. Return to Hookcoast
3. A Perfect World (Fable 2)



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