Top Ten Best Fablehaven Characters

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1 Errol

I'ts a good character

Christopher Vogel is a great character, if he had given more prominence libr or would have been much better. Brandon Mull missed a great opportunity

I love him

2 Seth Sorenson

He was the best character in my opinion. He was an ideal protagonist. Just a reagular boy thrown into a chaotic world. Sure, he was a bit rough, and a bit rebellious. And we can all agree he made terrible mistakes. But in spite of all that, he works hard, he learns from his mistakes and developes into a actually amazing character.

The best character by far


Seth - Orlemley

3 The Sphinx

The most interesting character

Hello? Isn't this obvious?

Probably the best bad guy ever. He has a believable backstory and he's pretty badass too, he's a very intriguing villain

Great villian

4 Hugo

Demon in book 3

Sorry, this is a shallow one. Hugo's so high on here because of a lack of very good characters in the book. Sorry mull, past Seth and the bad guy, you don't have a very good cast of characters. Hugo's here because I love the vanilla character he is, a golem that got free will. Now if mull has expanded on his character and him gaining free will, Hugo could have easily been the best character. But unfortunately mull got caught up in making Kendra as perfect as possible(terrible writing in my opinion) and gave him so little time to expand on him learning the ways of a real person. Sadly mull had such goon base materials but kinda messed it up. But I would say Hugo is a good base character.

5 Warren Burgess

Awesome character, without him the book would be terrible

Cookies are indeed the jackpot - PineconeFace

Most interesting

Okay I guess

6 Gavin Rose

Not an awful character. A pretty convincing bad guy. But he's focused around the worst character in the whole book(Kendra) so he just got a lot worse. So instead of writing about Gavin I'll write about Kendra. Kendra is, by far, the worst protagonist I've ever read. She is pinpointed near the beginning as "perfect" and they emphasized her brother as being "immature and crude" and hoe he messes everything up and her being the good virtuous older sister has to save the world that Seth doomed. Absolutely disgusting. So that's why Gavin is a worse character

At least she wasn't born special. That would've been awful. I like how she got her powers because she made a mistake - PineconeFace

Easily the most unexpected character

7 Kendra


8 Bracken

You can tell I'm really digging here

I hate his Gary Stu arse - PineconeFace


So awesome!

9 Coulter Dixon

A good character. I love people who are stubborn and seemingly-harsh, but when you get down to it are amazing people. He sacrafices himself twice in the whole series. A great man.

10 Patton

Very talented

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11 Stanley Sorenson

He's a meh character. He has an attitude I hate, which is "let's let children solve our problems" and he treats his granddaughter like a princess all the time and constantly ignores the brothers needs and attention. So he's a pretty terrible person but he does make up for it so whatever.

Stan is the best no sweat if not for him finding Fablehaven and living there there wouldn’t be a Fablehaven and for those Seth lovers he wouldn’t be created so every thing is owed to Stan

12 Raxtus

I added raxtus on this list my name is Murphy 6 what is your name I'm talking to you person commented on my item thank you

Yeah he's pretty good Murphy six (sorry this is the creator of this list) sorry I forgot about raxtus been awhile but yeah he's pretty cool

He is a really good character. He is loving kind and overall a great dragon

He is easily the best character

13 Dale Burgess

The convenient, hardworking farmhand. He's okay, better then that god awful main protagonist.

14 Vanessa Santoro

Vanessa is very easily the best character in the series

15 Lena

Lena was my favorite but she died. I think she is the best character

16 Newel
17 Mendigo
18 Doren
19 The Fairy Queen

A good add on to the story to make it better

20 Tanugatoa Dufu

This is just so I don't have to put, I even hate saying her stupid name, Kendra on the list.

21 Cloudwig
22 Nero
23 Broadhoof
24 Shiara
25 Dougan
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