Top 10 Facebook Likes Provider Services

This is the list of the top 10 websites which provide Facebook page likes to advertise the product online. Social media is the trendy way to promote business online. Following is the list of the websites which provide Facebook page likes. Rate which is excellent.

The Top Ten

1 Socio Boosters Socio Boosters

Its really good service provider, actually last week I purchased approx 5000 Facebook likes for my sister business page, but these guys are really superb, they delivered all the likes within time frame and we got extra likes which I purchased, I really happy with their service and customer support, Nice. 5 start for the Socio Boosters team *****

Love their service, They are SEO professionals, The likes are targeted and help my saloon to reach targeted audience. Thanks socio boosters for help

Boost your Business with 100% Social help to your Facebook fan page, company website, and more. - Socioboosters

Amazing, They help my business to grow 10K likes. You guys are SEO Professionals and which helps to get real likes. You are genius guys, Thanks

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2 Likes and Follow

Likes and follow is the like exchange website which is free and paid service. Likes and follow allow you to exchange likes with each other. - Socioboosters

I used this site many time. It provide organic likes and also allow to earn money.

Good site to get likes and follow. Also one can earn money.

Vote me 18000 ike?

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3 Digit Rock

Digit rock also provide Facebook likes. This is India based company run by some friends - Socioboosters

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4 Boost Likes

Boost Likes is also in the race of Facebook likes provide. The boost like is very expensive so people can't afford this website. - Socioboosters

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5 Fame Coin

Fame coin is a like exchange website. Poeple like the pages and earn points to get Facebook likes - Socioboosters

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6 Like Visits

Like visits is a like exchange website. the users o this website are less so they are not able to provide quality likes. - Socioboosters

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7 Post Planner

Post Planer is a APP developer and create the app to post on multiple group. Post planner also provide the Facebook likes - Socioboosters

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Great website where yo can gain many new likes and followers

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It's one of the best websites I've used for gaining Facebook likes. You should check it out.

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10 Likes Fake

Likes Fake is a like exchange website. People exchange their likes to get more likes on their Facebook page - Socioboosters

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The Contenders

12 Sessions Like
13 My Likes

My Likes is a like exchange website. The traffic on this website is less unable to provide much likes. - Socioboosters

14 Realsubscriber

RealSubscriber supplies real fans, followers and shares for Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google at lowest price. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. - johnsmith76


Buy Friends, Video Views, Likes and many more social media promotion quality service at the best price.

16 All-SMM

All-Smm is a good website to find out some tips about social media promotion. And also you can find quality services for getting likes, followers, and views.

17 Likesforge

LikesForge is the world's largest and fair Social Media Marketing which helps models, actors, singers, politicians to grow their online presence.

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