Best Faces Related to SpongeBob That You Can Make With Your Keyboard

The Top Ten

1 $__$ Mr.Krabs

That sums him up... - BorisRule

Yer seems about right laugh out loud - Chazing11

2 :D SpongeBob

It looks like my idiot niece - Chazing11

3 *__* Squidward

Looks exactly like him

This list is genius, funnyuser - Ajkloth

4 :O Patrick
5 :) Sandy
6 O) Plankton

This is very Creative Erin, It Must Took a Long time to create this list but this is Quality not Quantity. Love this List. - Dreamformusic

This is perfect. Who was weird enough to make this list anyway?

If you look close at it, you can see him smiling. - funnyuser

It looks just like plankton - PatrickStar

7 ^_^ Gary
8 - ;) Any other fish

;) is what it actually supposed to be. - funnyuser

9 |.| |.| Mr. Crabs Eyes

Mr. Krabs, not Crabs, sorry if I act like Grammar Perfectionist though - BorisRule

10 ◟ (❝ ◉ ⬭ ◉) ◞ Mrs. Puff

The Contenders

11 :..( SpongeBob
12 8d Old Man Jenkins

He has glasses and he is really happy - PatrickStar

13 :==) Gary

He has his eyestalks. - Garythesnail

14 P-( The Flying Dutchman

Lol that's cool

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