Top Ten Facts About Asia You Probably Don't Know

Today, I'll show you the facts about the largest continent on Earth, Asia.

The Top Ten

1 Asia has given birth to some of the oldest human civilizations.

They were pretty much one of the first civilizations and helped give birth to inventions and ideas that we still use today.

From the 7,000 year old Sumer civilization in Mesopotamia to the 6,000 year old Indus Valley Civilization in India, ancient culture is rich in Asia. - Delgia2k

2 Japan has a lot of weird and wonderful customs and laws
3 North Korea, perhaps the most politically isolated country in the world, has cultivated a strange cult of personality around the dictatorial Kim family. V 2 Comments
4 Although China is the world’s third largest country and stretches 5,026 kilometers longitudinally, it still has just one time zone.

If you're planning to travel there from the western hemisphere, the jet lag is terrible. Exact 12-16-hour difference. - keycha1n

5 India produces more mangoes than any country in the world – around 12 million tons each year.

But we don't get to eat some rare varieties of mangoes like alphonso. - kormo

6 the aforementioned New South China Mall is classified as a “dead mall”.

Nearly 99% of it lies vacant since its opening in 2005. Despite its massive size, 82-foot Arc de Triomphe replica, and 1.3 mile canal (complete with gondolas), few retailers ever set shop in it. - Delgia2k

7 Nine out of ten of the world’s tallest buildings are in Asia.
8 More than 4.1 billion people live in Asia.

More people seem to live in Asia than outside of it.

That's nearly 60% of the world's total. - Delgia2k

9 The Philippines is comprised of 7500 islands
10 Texting capital of the world is Philippines

There are about 350 to 400 million sms (short message service) was being sent daily. This is more than the total daily text messages that the US and Europe sent.

The Contenders

11 Japan has the second oldest population in the world.
12 The third largest English-speaking country in the world is the Philippines.
13 Three of the world's top ten largest malls are located in the Philippines V 1 Comment
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