Top Ten Facts About Babies

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1 Babies that are fed with breast milk will tend to think of women as milk making machines

That's what women's boobs are supposed to be for and cosmetic surgery is stupid.

No its not sick, its what that part of a woman's body is supposed to be for.

Babies tend to have a main goal to be fed, which means that they think of all women as just food, It's sad to see how the new generation thinks. - HollyWud10nz

That's just sick. Not as in the "cool" type of sick, I mean the "weird" type of sick.

2 If you're born with brown hair you're more likely to be famous

That's a bunch of baloney.

My relatives all have brown hair, but my sister and cousins are more popular in the family than me. My dreams of being famous are crushed because of this :(

Some tiny trace I have.

Yay I have brown hair. - SammySpore

3 Babies that are born in California are more likely to make video games

A study was done in the 1980's that shows that the first people to make video games were all born in California - HollyWud10nz

Not true. I have nieces who were born in and lives in CA and they don't even like video games

4 Babies are the only animals that smile at there parents after birth

The majority of infants cry when they are born, but after the crying 100% of babies smile at there parents - HollyWud10nz

5 At 6 months old a baby will urinate 200% more then when it was born

When a baby is born in urinates roughly every 100 minutes - HollyWud10nz

I wish I didn't read that...

6 Babies have 200 more bones then adults

That's a weird fact if we all lose bones - BorisRule

Weird - ElSherlock

Adult baby: I want to be a baby again because I had more bones when I was a baby and we winked less. - I'm joking ok.. infanthood was more simple obviously.

By the age 10 you lose almost 130 bones then when you were born. - HollyWud10nz

7 Newborns are more likely to turn to the right then left

In 2005 a study to show that infants turn there heads more to the right then left in the berthing room. - HollyWud10nz

8 A babies eyeball is the size of its brain

A study was done recently to show that eyes can be the same size as the brain with 100% of infants. - HollyWud10nz

9 In china babies with birth defects are born every 30 seconds

In 2001 babies in China were 80% perfect, at least the ones born. But in 2014 when the nuclear plant in Chang hi blew up more and more babies are born with berth defects such as extra limbs, more fingers, more teeth. - HollyWud10nz

10 Babies can't taste salt until they're four months old

In the year 1940 doctors in Germany noticed that infants don't react to salt. - HollyWud10nz

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11 Babies blink only once or twice every minute - Adults blink 10 to 15 times
12 Babies' cries can sound different in different languages

Huh. That's interesting. Now, I'm curious how it would sound in different countries.

13 Babies have taste buds in their cheeks
14 Newborn babies are color blind
15 Babies yawn before they are born
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