Top 10 Facts About the Band American Authors

The Top Ten

1 Before they were known as American Authors, they were originally called The Blue Pages.
2 The band initially formed at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.
3 Lead singer Zac would do well in Florida because he loves to surf.
4 Their hit song “Best Day of My Life” was inspired by Where the Wild Things are, both the book and the movie.
5 James is a Florida boy. He and his family are from Tallahassee.
6 Dave was born in Colombia.
7 Matt doesn’t know how to ride a bike.
8 According to the band’s Twitter page, they are “YUGE” Bernie Sanders fans.
9 Their song “What We Live For” was inspired by the band Coldplay.
10 Dave said they decided to go with American Authors for their name because an author can be anyone who tells a story through words.
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