Top Ten Facts About Big Nate Character Francis Pope

Francis Butthurst Pope first appeared on January 17, 1991. Nate's number #1 friend, Francis is very intelligent, and this upsets his friends from time to time. Nate and Francis frequently make fun of each other, but he states that this is how they operate. Contrary to Nate's feelings for them, Francis is friendly with both Mrs. Godfrey and Artur. Francis participates in the band Enslave the Mollusk and dates Sheila.

The Top Ten Facts About Big Nate Character Francis Pope

1 Francis fell in love with Ellen in Big Nate, Add More Babes
2 Francis's and Nate's houses are right next to each other
3 Francis and Gina are almost the same when it comes to intelligence. In one comic, it is revealed his GPA (grade point average) is 99.5 and Gina's is 99.8
4 Francis wants to be an epidemiologist

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5 Francis is the first character to appear in comics who is not related to Nate
6 Francis's grandparents are 20 years older than the other
7 Francis is an only child
8 Francis is 12
9 Francis's name is a reference to Pope Francis
10 Francis has orange hair

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